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What is HT Cares!

HT Cares! c-suite executives

HT Cares! is an opportunity for area business owners and executives preparing to talk through their questions and challenges with other business leaders. The initiative started with an idea and a handful of willing participants. It quickly grew into a think tank of 30+ Austin-based executives brought together for the first time.

We aimed to be big and bold with our plan. The overwhelming outpouring of support we’ve received from business leaders, however, has exceeded our expectations. Quite frankly, we’re awestruck by the talent that answered the call. We were able to help these executives get back to work after many of them lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Now they’re helping us put others back to work, too.

CEOs, COOs, PMOs, CIOs, CHROs, supply chain directors and other top-tier executives with experience at Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, marketing organizations, and more have come together as part of HT Cares! for one clear outcome: To help Texas businesses succeed in maneuvering through the COVID-19 crisis and economic downturn.

“The HT Group has found that executives want to volunteer their services and be a part of the HT Cares! initiative. Every company is, in essence, a startup right now, and can use some good advice,” says Patti Boyle, one of The HT Group’s executive advisors.  “Many have recognized that re-opening businesses will require an ’all hands on deck‘ approach and want to get involved.”

Through HT Cares!, professionals can request an executive leader-to-leader conversation with a peer from a similar position, industry, or area of expertise. This peer can be another set of eyes on an organization’s back-to-work strategy and a confidential sounding board for questions and concerns about issues that will inevitably arise in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The executives available through HT Cares! are experts in:

  • Executive and Leadership Development/Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Resources/Safety/Compliance/Talent Management
  • Technology/Security
  • Logistics/Supply Chain/Strategic Sourcing/E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Sales & Marketing


“We know that temporary, fractional help is what businesses need right now, and that’s exactly what this group provides,” adds The HT Group Director of Consulting Services Sam Wood. “It’s executives talking to executives, in what just might be the most interesting and helpful call you’ll ever have.”

Learn more about HT Cares! and the executives available for consulting at

Contact us if you have a business seeking a complimentary leader-to-leader sounding board session or if
you are interested in joining the team.