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What is Work from Home Employment? 

Over the past few years, the entire world got more acquainted with remote work, but there is still some confusion around the term.

At its most basic level, the term describes employment where an employee does work in a nontraditional setting. Most people who work from home do so consistently from the same place, like a home office. Remote work from home is the most common form of remote work because people often find working more enjoyable while they’re able to enjoy the comforts of home. Some people work remotely full time, while others do part-time remote work. Regardless of where they are working from or how often they do, most people engage in online remote work because they need a way to communicate with their co-workers.

Whether or not an employee does remote work from home or elsewhere and how often they do mainly depend on their employer’s preferences.

What jobs are sited for remote work? 

Obviously, not all jobs can be done remotely. For example, individuals in the healthcare field, retail or restaurant industry, or construction must be at an employer’s site to complete their work. However, the number of jobs that can be done through online remote work may surprise you.

Many of the jobs that are best positioned for remote work from home have measurable results and specific, quantifiable deliverables. These often include positions in the customer service industry, technology, and creative fields.

Are remote jobs more efficient?

Considering the potential distractions, one may assume that remote work from home isn’t as efficient as working in a traditional office setting, but you’d be wrong.

A study from Stanford University showed that online remote work could actually increase productivity. Researchers studied a 16,000 employee NASDAQ-listed travel agency over a nine-month period and found that working from home increased employee productivity by 13%, and workers reported an improved sense of satisfaction in their work. The study also showed that attrition rates were cut in half.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of work from home jobs?

For employees, many of the benefits that come with remote work from home are obvious. Remote work means no commute to and from work and allows for a more flexible schedule that can improve work-life balance, but that’s not all. Working remotely also allows employees to work in a more comfortable environment and has been associated with fewer health problems.

These benefits make online remote work sound great, but there are some drawbacks that employees must consider. Remote workers can feel isolated because they miss out on the regular social interactions of on-site work. They can also feel left out during company events and miss certain opportunities because they are not present with their fellow employees.

For employers, allowing employees to work remotely improves employee satisfaction and can make employees less likely to seek employment elsewhere. These employees also are more productive and take fewer sick days. It also expands the pool of talent they can draw from, as they are not limited to applicants within their area or willing to relocate.

Employers must also consider the potential security risks of remote work, considering their data will be exposed to an uncontrolled environment. Employee engagement also needs to be considered, as it’s easy for remote employees to become disengaged in company culture and feel isolated.

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