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How to Update a Tired, Outdated Resume

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The Texas unemployment rate hit an unprecedented high in April at 12.8%. Many of those affected have not found themselves unemployed in years, if ever. If you’re among them and are looking for a job for the first time in 15, 10, or even five years, listen carefully: Don’t just brush off your old resume and use it. The rules have changed. Ignoring the new order will ensure your resume never sees the light of day.

  1. Meet the applicant tracking system (ATS). For 80% of U.S. jobs, electronic processes that filter out more than half of incoming resumes are used. That number jumps to 98% for Fortune 500 companies. Software called an applicant tracking system (ATS) is the most common. There are dozens for employers to choose from—including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo, and more—and each system works differently. However, you don’t have to feel powerless against the ATS robots. A few simple, smart moves can help your resume conquer them. Learn about those here.
  2. Reformat. Pretty fonts and embellishments can look dated and can also make your resume unscannable for ATS systems. Listing an objective is also out of practice because it’s unnecessary and can even be detrimental. What if you don’t get picked for that specific job, but a similar position pops up that you’re passed up for, too, because it doesn’t align with your narrowly worded objective? Use these tips to update your resume accordingly.
  3. Tell the whole truth. Be very careful about embellishments and outright lies on your resume. It’s too easy for employers to discredit these days. Simple background checks, reference checks, and even a Google search can expose the truth. Many employers and recruiters will also compare your resume with your LinkedIn profile to spot inconsistencies with degrees, work dates, employers, and job titles. Changing a few “facts” here and there may not only result in a lost job opportunity, but it might also be illegal. Did you know that in Texas, it’s against the law to lie about a postsecondary degree to obtain a job, promotion, clients, or similar work benefits? Here’s how to clean up your act.

Finding a job is difficult right now. But you can gain more control with a resume that doesn’t cause roadblocks. Learn more tips here, and contact an HT Group recruiter for more guidance. 


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