Flexible SOW and Project Delivery Services

Expertise and flexibility allows you to focus on your core business initiatives by choosing the level of project control you would like to maintain. Our team can provide a wide range of service offerings including Project Management Consulting, Onboarding, Ramp Up/Down, Reporting, Mentoring, HR Management, Consolidated Scheduling, and more.

What are Consulting Services?

Project consulting, also called “project-based consulting,” is a common method of consulting that’s beneficial for both consultants and their clients. 

A consultant is any professional individual or business practice engaged in providing expert advice to others. In the project management consultant model, a company hires a consultant to help with a specific project. Once the project is over, their engagement with the consultant is over.

There are a lot of reasons that a company may choose to hire a project management consulting company in Texas or a team of consultants. To name just a few, project consultants may have expertise the company lacks, can provide impartial advice, and may be able to augment the efforts of internal workers.

What Are The Benefits Of Project-Based Consulting?

The specific benefits of project consulting may vary depending on the company, the situation, and the consultant. But in almost all cases, companies that hire project management consultants can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Gain access to experts immediately – Hiring one or more consultants allows your executive team to quickly get access to experts in their field who can provide you with informed guidance and ensure your project stays on track.
  • Avoid disrupting operations – Project management consulting helps you avoid disrupting your operations with additional work. Even high-performing employees may not be able to implement a certain project or initiative in a timely manner on their own, especially if it is not suited to their skill set – or requires them to take on a lot of additional duties.
  • Save time and money by avoiding permanent hires – Even for large, complex projects, the costs of hiring new employees or training existing ones to handle a project may not be cost-effective. Working with a consultant on a per-project basis can help you save time and money.

Work With The HT Group For Project-Based Consulting Services

We’re not just a leading staffing agency, we also provide services to various businesses through our project management consulting.

Learn more about the benefits of project-based consulting, explore our expertise, and see why we’re the best choice for your company, just contact us online. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions and explain our services in more detail

Management Consulting

Phase 1: Plan

  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Set KPI’s, SLO’s
  • Define Reporting Structure and Timeline
  • Decide on Resource Levels & Ideal Hiring Profile
  • Identify Project Mgmt & Training Needs
  • Confirm Implementation & Kick Off
Management Consulting

Phase 2: Build

  • Execute Project Agreement
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures/Toolkit
  • Build Reporting Templates
  • Customize Training Documentation
  • Hire/Onboard/Train New Project Consultants as part of our consulting services
  • Develop Project Specific Attendance Policy

Phase 3: Run

  • Provide Financial and KPI tracking
  • Manage Resource Levels per Business Reqs
  • Proactive Transitions & Backfills
  • Staff Meetings & 1×1’s with Consultants
  • Conduct Scheduled Stakeholder Meetings
Management Consulting

Phase 4: Continuous Improvement

  • Discuss Lessons Learned from 1×1’s
  • Conduct Monthly Surveys
  • Stakeholder and Consultant Surveys
  • Review KPI’s for Trends & Problem Areas
  • Revise Training to include Best Practices
  • Assist in Forecasting/Scheduling Discussions

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