Flexible SOW and Project Delivery Services

The HT Group’s Managed Consulting Services (MCS) program is designed to partner with businesses to fully understand their critical issues and provide them with the service delivery model that best suits their needs. By combining speed, expertise, and flexibility, our MCS offerings provide a customized level of control allowing businesses to focus on their core business initiatives.

The HT Group Project Methodology

Managed Consulting Services - Plan

Phase 1: Plan

  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Set KPI’s, SLO’s
  • Define Reporting Structure and Timeline
  • Decide on Resource Levels & Ideal Hiring Profile
  • Identify Project Mgmt & Training Needs
  • Confirm Implementation & Kick Off
Managed Consulting Services - Build

Phase 2: Build

  • Execute Project Agreement
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures/Toolkit
  • Build Reporting Templates
  • Customize Training Documentation
  • Hire/Onboard/Train New Project Consultants
  • Develop Project Specific Attendance Policy

Phase 3: Run

  • Provide Financial and KPI tracking
  • Manage Resource Levels per Business Reqs
  • Proactive Transitions & Backfills
  • Staff Meetings & 1×1’s with Consultants
  • Conduct Scheduled Stakeholder Meetings
Managed Consulting Services - Continuous Improvement

Phase 4: Continuous Improvement

  • Discuss Lessons Learned from 1×1’s
  • Conduct Monthly Surveys
  • Stakeholder and Consultant Surveys
  • Review KPI’s for Trends & Problem Areas
  • Revise Training to include Best Practices
  • Assist in Forecasting/Scheduling Discussions

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