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The Big, Bold Back-to-Business Movement with HT Cares!

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We asked a handful of Austin’s top executives to help their fellow business leaders navigate to a new normal. Dozens answered the call, with more on the way. Sam Wood, The HT Group’s Director of Consulting Services, explains.

“What can we do to help? What do we have to offer to offer business leaders to help them re-open Texas?” Those were the questions The HT Group’s executive leaders asked each other as COVID-19 shutdowns affected businesses throughout the state. Like all business leaders, we worried about our own employees and clients but wanted to help the community first and foremost.

Stores are trying to find ways to get closer to people where they’re at, not to draw people closer to their stores. Employers are worried about their staff’s wellbeing. CEOs want to know how and when to communicate with their stakeholders. Others are consumed with trying to restructure their workforce. Business leaders are facing substantial employment uncertainties as well as payroll disruptions, technology, and security weaknesses, new supply chain challenges, and previously unheard-of sales and marketing obstacles.

For these reasons, HT Cares! became a high-level, unparalleled approach to help Texas get back-to-business. Whatever challenges you’re facing, we can offer a good ear and sound advice. No webinar can replace these leader-to-leader conversations.

The answer for us resides in our people and connections, as it always has. We’re a management consulting, staffing, and recruiting firm, after all. And we’re already strongly networked into the communities we serve. We realize the connections we have can be a lifeline for other business right now. And with The HT Group’s core values of living with integrity, going above and beyond, and making the lives of the people we serve better, it became clear to us what we needed to do to get back-to-business.

HT Cares! became that solution.