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Re-Entering the Workforce After a Layoff

After a Layoff

Brushing off a layoff? It’s hard to find the motivation and confidence to job search even in the best of times. But right now, during the pandemic, the fear and uncertainty—while balancing an upended personal life—can be paralyzing. The good news, though, is that there IS good news.

“Since mid-summer, we’ve seen an uptick in jobs within several industries,” says Stephanie Grubbs, Southeast Texas Branch Manager for The HT Group’s Staffing Division. “You may just find a way to turn an unexpected layoff into a job upgrade or valuable career shift.”

Consider a temporary staffing job: “Many employees are afraid of commitment right now and are therefore turning to temporary staffing to ramp up their workforce,” Grubbs reveals. Temping can have benefits for you, too. It can give you payroll consistency while trying out new roles and industries. And temporary doesn’t have to mean, well, temporary. One in every three temps is offered a permanent job by their client, and two-thirds (66%) of those offered permanent employment accept the offer (meaning, they’re desirable long-term jobs).

Shift or train yourself into a lifeboat job: Some industries are still struggling, others found new life and new demand during the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal and Burning Glass Technologies shed light on finding an even-better-than-before, “pandemic proof” career path in some of these surprising industries. They’re called lifeboat jobs, and many could result in higher earning potential than you had before your layoff.

Be visible and searchable: If you haven’t been on the job hunt in years, you may need to give your search a makeover in several ways. For one, resumes aren’t what the used to be. Here are some tips for creating a modern resume to avoid the virtual slush pile. Polish your online presence by updating your profile and settings in LinkedIn, in particular, and consider refining your thought leadership. Participate in networking opportunities and be bold enough to tell colleagues you’re job searching.

Our blog archives hold even more treasures for job seekers right now, from how to spot fake job listings to advice on pandemic-era salary negotiations and specific tips for job seekers in the tech industry. Be sure to stay connected to The HT Group and ask our recruiters what job opportunities match your skills right now. It may lead to a surprisingly welcome adventure.


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