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Top Secrets of Superstar Temps

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The gig economy has brought rise to independent consultants and freelancers who thrive without the restraints of a fulltime job. But those “gigs” aren’t suited for everyone who yearns for variety. Many business consultants, writers, and graphic designers are empowered by this type of work, but what about those who specialize in administrative and receptionist work, sales, data entry, warehouse and logistics, or manufacturing? For these and dozens of other jobs, temp work can be stereotyped as a band-aid, covering the wounds of unemployment until more permanent work comes along. But don’t be fooled.

Benefits of Long-Term Temping

For a growing number of workers, temping is becoming a long-term choice. To understand why, you need to set aside some stereotypes to fully grasp how long-term temping may be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

    1. You can still have payroll consistency and convenience without the administrative burden. When a staffing firm signs you on as a temp, you are an employee of that staffing firm. That means they’re responsible for your employment taxes and other paperwork and, depending on the work you do, you may even qualify for certain employee benefits.


    1. There’s nothing wrong with liking variety. If you feel antsy about the prospect of staying at one job for a long time, you’re not alone. The number of workers willingly leaving their jobs is at the highest level since 2001. Temping offers the chance to “move around” without being disloyal.


    1. Being a temp can lead to a full-time, permanent job if that’s what suits you. A significant part of our services includes an area called temp-to-hire. It can be a win-win for both the employer and the worker because it can give each party the chance to “kick the tires” when it comes to working together. In fact, according to the American Staffing Association, one in every three temps are offered permanent jobs by their clients, and two-thirds (66%) of those offered permanent employment accepted the offers.


  1. It can give you seasonal control over your schedule. There are plenty of reasons seasonal temp work is a great fit for you. Maybe you’re a college student, teacher, parent, or are retired from full-time employment. Whatever the reason, seasonal temp work is a great way to earn money when and how you want it.


How to Be the Temp Recruiters Call First

Once you’ve decided to jump headfirst into temping, how do you repeatedly score the best staffing gigs? First, attitude makes all the difference.  As you prove yourself, be open and willing to take all staffing jobs you’re qualified to take. A temp that is too picky may find that recruiters won’t call back. This includes taking assignments that—at first—may not fit your ideal work situation, like engagements that are shorter or more spontaneous than desired.

“If I have someone who is open to one day or short-term roles they will likely also be the first person I think of when a long-term role comes in because I know they are reliable and dependable,” explains Melissa Jamison, Austin Branch Manager for The HT Group’s Staffing Division.  “It can be a great way for greener candidates to build some credibility, and we’re able to endorse them for roles that maybe we wouldn’t have considered them for previously due to lack of experience/longevity.”

It’s important to be flexible and be ready to go immediately when the client’s need arise,” adds Stephanie Grubbs, Southeast Texas Branch Manager for The HT Group’s Staffing Division. “Positive energy and a willing can-do attitude is a must.”

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to take every opportunity that comes up. But when you do turn down opportunities (from time to time), do so professionally.

“Always answer the phone or email or get back to us quickly when we leave a message because, in our business, time is money,” says Claire Reese, Managing Director for The HT Group’s Staffing Division.  We understand that you won’t be able to take every opportunity but responding quickly and being transparent about where you are in your job search is helpful for us as recruiters. Our favorite temps aren’t necessarily the most available, but they have flexibility in the types of roles they are willing to take, and they have a great attitude and are positive and open every time you speak with them.”

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