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Facing a Leadership Gap During this Corona Crisis?

Management Consulting

C-suite Interim / Fractional Executives / Business Advisory Services

For many businesses around the globe, operations seem to be grinding to a screeching halt. But despite fears and uncertainty, the show must go on. Businesses that understand that will be the first to bounce back and even thrive as the world slowly and surely resumes to a new normal.
The best way to do that? Complete your C-suite team. Strong leadership is needed now more than ever.
You may not want to make or can afford a permanent choice for executive leadership right now, and that’s wise. But you can have the best of both worlds—you can gain the experienced leadership you need without making a substantial commitment.
Interim and fractional executives can fill key spots and help you navigate your way through these strange and volatile times. You can gain seasoned, expert leadership exactly how you need it: full time yet temporary, or part-time for as long as necessary.  
The HT Group Advisory Services practice includes CIOs, CFOs, CHROs with RIF experience, and subject matter experts with extensive experience providing strategic guidance and improving business performance, even–and especially–during these exceptional times.

We’re open – remotely, and available to help you work through the strategy your business needs right now, not just to survive the downturn but to start thriving again as quickly as possible. Give us a call at (512) 533-9700 or email Sam Wood, our director of consulting services, directly at