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Workforce Reductions, Business Restructurings, and Staff Re-Engagement

workforce reductions

In this time of crisis, businesses all over the world are having to reduce workforce spending while keeping operations afloat.  How to make and implement these difficult decisions can be the key to survival.

If needed, The HT Group’s HR Executive Advisory services can help you reduce staff in a fair, compassionate, minimally disruptive, and legally defensible manner.  

We do this by helping you make headcount rationalizations and helping you manage the employee separation process.  The HT Group Advisors work closely with businesses and leaders in Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Communications, and the Legal functions to develop and execute holistic Reduction in Force (RIF) initiatives that are compliant with the recent changes in FMLA and sick leave regulations per the COVID-19 legislations.

Ultimately, our goal is to preserve organizational integrity, avoid litigation, and create solutions for re-engaging staff post-action.  
The HT Group HR Executive Advisors are seasoned professionals who have led and supported transformational RIF initiatives for thousands of individuals, across multiple industries, large and small.  We do this in consultation with you.

Our well-proven fifteen step RIF process treats individuals with respect and empathy in a sensitive situation and ensures remaining employees remain engaged.

 We’re open for business – remotely, and available with our full resources to help you with downsizing in this time of need. Contact us today to talk through what you need and how we can help you make the best out of the current situation.  Please call me at 512-796-5234 or email me at to discuss your situation.