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Using a Recruiter for Job Hunting: 5 Ways to Win

using a recruiter

Using a recruiter to find a job can be intimidating, but getting matched with a reputable recruiter can genuinely transform the experience. We asked our recruiters their secrets to making the relationship work. Here’s what they had to say:

Be responsive. Whatever you do, don’t ghost recruiters. If there’s a reason you’re ending your search (either entirely or with them, specifically), let them know. It’s not worth burning bridges. And don’t ghost inadvertently by not being responsive, either. Top candidates tend to be placed in a job within ten days. You want to be one of those placements. But that means knowing how and when you’ll be contacted and not missing those emails, texts, or calls.

Have a clear goal in mind. “I’ll do whatever” isn’t helpful information to share when using a recruiter. Take the opportunity to talk through your skills, experience, and career aspirations with your recruiter. Tell them what type of work brings you joy, and share the skills you hope to acquire. The more intel you provide, the better your recruiter will be able to match you with the perfect job.

But hear them out. We’ll be honest: There are quite a few out-of-box and exciting job opportunities out there right now. So, if you’re using a recruiter and they approach you with, “I hear you on where you envision yourself, but have you considered….” please stop and listen. More than 70% of recruiters struggle to find relevant candidates. And “relevance” isn’t what you may think. Perhaps your digital skills are transferable to an entirely new-to-you industry. Or your bilingual skills could be used to catapult your career. Maybe your future is in consumer packaged goods, and you just don’t know it yet!

Tell the truth. Have imposter syndrome? Don’t 100% qualify for the job you want? Been to prison? No matter the case, tell your recruiter the truth. They can help you market yourself and find the right fit regardless. Lying to them will only hurt you both. It’s actually quite easy for recruiters (and potential employers) to spot lies these days anyway—comparing your resume to your LinkedIn profile is one way. Lying about your qualifications can even be illegal.

Ask questions. One of the top benefits of using a recruiter is having a mediator who can be an advisor, career partner, and confidant. Why is the interview process taking so long? Will the compensation be close to what I need? What the heck is a video interview, and how do I prepare? Whatever your quandaries or worries, it’s important to let your recruiter know. They’re here to help.

Using a recruiter can be the best way to fast-track your job search. Get started by sending us your resume and checking out our current job listings. Connect with us on LinkedIn, too. If you have a specific area of interest, like temporary staffing, technical, or an executive-level position, click on the link for that area and fill out the form on that page.