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Secrets to Landing a Job in a New Industry

job in a new industry

You’re not alone if you feel it’s time to find a job in a new industry. About one in four respondents to a CompTIA study reported pursuing a new job during the first half of 2022. About 60% sought that job in an entirely different career field. The top reasons they cited for the change include higher pay/better benefits, better job security/stability, a more flexible work environment including remote work options, better well-being, and better career growth opportunities.

But how do you land a job in a new industry? Keep an open mind and consider the following:

Digital Skills Take the Cake

As more employers announce layoffs—Twilio and Patreon being the latest examples—it’s easy to assume that tech hiring has hit the brakes. But the numbers tell a different story. As StaffingHub reports, employers across all industry sectors expect to hire in the last few months of 2022, but IT/technology and other sectors that heavily rely on digital skills have the strongest outlook.

Austin is, of course, no exception. Of the top 50 employers of tech talent in the first half of this year, 96% increased hiring year-over-year, Staffing Industry Analysts reports. Frontrunners, including Amazon, Apple and Google, have Austin hubs. This past spring, the Austin-American Statesman proclaimed that 22,000 new tech jobs are expected in the region over the next five years, thanks to Tesla, Samsung, Apple, Oracle and more. The tech industry already employs nearly 20% of all workers in the Austin metro area. The rest of Texas isn’t far behind, by the way: Houston and San Antonio each recorded over 80% growth in tech jobs this past year.

If you’re confident in your digital skills enough to leap into tech, you’re already ahead of the pack. Going back to the CompTIA study, the youngest professionals (Gen Z), in particular, exhibit the most significant confidence gap and fear of failure in pursuing a tech job (37% vs. 27% for Gen X). Mentally overcoming those roadblocks could land you a job in a new industry–into the very heart of the Austin tech realm.

Find Trending Sectors That Are Expected to Stick Around

Construction is booming in Austin. One area that The HT Group is specifically involved in is high-tech construction. Current jobs available for the construction of the Samsung Semiconductor plant in Taylor are just the tip of the iceberg if plans for several more Samsung plants, a Micron plant near Lockhart, possible NXP and Applied Materials expansions, and other ideas take hold.

These advanced manufacturing employers are a primary reason the Austin industrial market is booming. And while many are holding out for the jobs that will be available after the facilities are built, construction jobs need to be filled first.

“Austin’s industrial market continues to grow at an amazing clip, spurred by rapid population growth, major manufacturing relocations and new e-commerce and inventory trends,” says Chase Clancy, vice president of Colliers, a major commercial real estate company in Austin (and worldwide). “The market has the runway – both in terms of supply and demand – to nearly double in size over the next five years. “

Wherever you are, follow the trends and look at their sticking power. In Austin—and Texas in general—that’s technology and tech construction.

Other Skills That Transfer to a Job in a New Industry

In Austin, two skill areas that are in high demand throughout all sectors are admin/clerical and customer service. For these positions, take the opportunity to try out sectors that may not be on everyone’s popularity list. While your skills are transferable, your career path may take an exciting turn for the better. If you were in the service or hospitality industry before, for instance, those skills may transfer remarkably well into call center and or clerical positions with some of Austin’s top employers. Working with The HT Group can help.

“The great thing about working with an employment agency like The HT Group is that you have access to many of these career paths and, with temporary and contract work more popular than ever, you can ‘try before you buy,'” says Stephanie Grubbs, Practice Director for The HT Group’s Staffing Division

So don’t be afraid: There’s never been a better time in Austin to find a job in a new industry. Think outside the box and enlist the help of a recruiter to widen your options.