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Two Surprisingly Perfect Texas Jobs

Perfect Texas Jobs

Sometimes bravely capturing the life we want means letting go of what society tells us we need. If you’ve found yourself chasing rainbows when it comes to job titles and career paths that everyone else is also chasing, allow us to offer you two alternative paths. These two job areas are some of the fastest growing in Texas, with endless opportunities for personal career growth and job satisfaction.

Warehouse Jobs

A warehouse job may not be at the top of your dream list but hear us out: Our workers LOVE IT. And the best news? Warehouse jobs are everywhere in Texas.

“Warehouse positions are more varied than you may think,” says Stephanie Grubbs, Practice Director for The HT Group’s Staffing Division. To start, you could be an inspector/packer, production worker, stocker, material handler, forklift operator, shipping and receiving clerk, assembler, quality assurance specialist, and more. Entry jobs rarely require experience or credentials although Indeed data shows that food production experience could boost your earning power by 122%.

“What we’ve found is that basic attributes like punctuality and soft skills like reliability, attention to detail, and a positive attitude are your keys to success,” Grubbs adds.

If you think there’s no upward mobility in warehouse jobs, think again. There are the obvious avenues of advancement including team leader and shift leader. But then, from there, you could branch out in logistics, facilities, operations, and other areas. A supply chain management degree could increase your base salary by 166%, for instance.

What we’ve learned from the warehouse workers we’ve placed is that those who love the job best thrive on:

  • Are you a neat freak? Do you love everything in its place? Do processes followed perfectly make your heart sing? If yes, then a warehouse job could make you very, very happy.
  • An unstable work schedule can lead to stress and wreak havoc on your wellbeing. While warehouse jobs can include long hours, an increasing number of employers understand the value of predictive scheduling and other emotional comforts. You may also be among the many who revel in repetitive tasks. While your life outside work may be unpredictable and full of surprises, you may find joy and fulfillment in a warehouse job that offers stability above all else.
  • Being active. Did you know that having a desk job can double your risk of a heart attack? Not to sound dramatic, but working a job where you get to move a lot (like a warehouse job) can save your life. It may even reduce mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer service specialist and customer service representative jobs are some of the most plentiful and diverse positions out there. You can find these customer service jobs in nearly any industry in nearly any community.

“For instance, right now, The HT Group is filling customer service rep jobs throughout Central Texas and Southeast Texas for employers in insurance, medical, manufacturing, energy, light industrial, retail, and other industries,” Grubbs says.

Another popular category of customer service jobs is call center representatives. While working in a call center may not be your dream job, there are numerous benefits to gaining call center experience. You know that famous Maya Angelou quote “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”? She may as well have been talking about call center jobs. Glassdoor outlines the transferable skills you can gain working at a call center that can service you professionally—and personally—for the rest of your life. Who wouldn’t benefit from learning how to solve problems why keeping people happy and calm, often in high-pressure situations? Fortune 500 execs and parents alike can use those skills.

To say that someone who excels in customer service is simply a “people person” misses the mark. Skills for customer service jobs revolve around more complex attributes including being an active listener, passionate problem-solver, talented negotiator, and having high emotional intelligence (being able to read people’s emotions and empathize with them). In fact, you may not thrive being around people at all. Many in the customer service industry work from home and have very little in-person interactions while others are always “on” in dynamically active public environments. That’s what makes the career path so diverse.

Find Your Match

“The great thing about working with an employment agency like The HT Group is that you have access to many of these career paths and, with temporary and contract work more popular than ever, you can ‘try before you buy,’” Grubbs recommends.

Take a moment to check out our job portal and explore the different categories of work available. You’ll see at the bottom of each job search page is a link to get email alerts for that specific job search. When you find a job that interests you, apply for it. What are you waiting for? You may be surprised how much you love simply doing good work for great companies in a job that’s off the radar for many.


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