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Remote Customer Service Jobs On the Rise

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Do you have a knack for helping people, and can think fast on your feet? Do you want or need to work from home right now? You’re in luck: Customer service jobs are in high demand, and many are remote positions that run the gamut from temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.

One recent study found that call center jobs in particular increased 41% between March and May 2020. These jobs were already evolving into remote positions, and the COVID-19 pandemic simply accelerated the urgency of adopting remote work arrangements. 

If you feel drawn to customer service and want to work from home, here are a few things you should know:

The career field comes in many shapes and sizes. Keywords to look for in your job search include customer service, customer support, customer engagement, customer success, contact center, call center, help desk, and order entry. Business-to-business industries may advertise the same types of jobs but will instead use terms like client engagement, partner success, etc.

A call center job isn’t necessarily a telemarketing position. Some call centers do focus on outbound sales, surveys, or collections, but many handle incoming calls only—helping customers or clients with their needs. The two paths are very different, but can be equally fulfilling for the right personalities. Just be sure to understand which type of job it is before you take it.

The more technically savvy you are, the better. Any customer service position today will come with at least a moderate amount of digital overlap. At the very least, you should be familiar with how customer relationship management (CRM) software generally works, as most sophisticated teams and help desks incorporate them. At the far end of the innovation spectrum are organizations that utilize a combination of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled chat bots, online support, and traditional call center support for a mulit-channel response.

Consider a temporary job. If you’re new to the customer service industry or are unsure working from home is for you, consider a temporary staffing job. “There’s a stigma around temp jobs. You might believe they can blemish your resume or they don’t offer good benefits, but that’s not true for many positions,” says The HT Group Director of Staffing Services Claire Reese. “A temporary job through a reputable staffing firm can provide you with free training and insights into a new career, giving you a leg up. You many even be eligible for benefits as a full-time temporary staff employee.” Plus, Reese adds, “You never know who you might meet or impress when you temp somewhere. Perhaps the CEO notices you. That could go along way not only with that particular company internally but, perhaps, that person will refer you to someone in their network.”

Take this time to learn and grow in a field you many not have considered before. And, if you’re ready to explore a job in customer service, contact our HT Group Staffing Division today.


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