Stephanie Samuels Executive Advisor - CEO, COO

Stephanie Samuels is an industry leader COO with a passion for problem-solving, innovation, and high-performance team building. She has led team efforts to inspire collaboration in supply chain, logistics, and customer excellence to optimize workforce productivity. Stephanie has driven Fortune 500 companies with revenue and profits from $35M to $100M. Change leadership through project management certification has led to development of Agile and DevOps teams.

Stephanie has transformed her teams through servant leadership with a goal to find them, grow them, and keep them. Leading the way in digital marketing and sales transformations, she has taken “Big Box” practices to a one-on-one advisory role. Her ability to work with executives, boards, and essential employees will thrive in a post-pandemic world. As we begin to transform into a “new normal”, she can support your business and boost morale.

Stephanie reorganized and dramatically improved the efficiency of customer satisfaction and pursuit of company goals through CRM technology and hands-on customer interaction. She implemented restructuring of the entire sales organization from commission base to bottom-line growth and reward. She produced sales growth of 11.4 percent comps sales per year while increasing the number of repeat customers by double-digit increases year over year.

Stephanie significantly strengthened logistic functions with North America’s largest in-home delivery service. She improved the final mile results by 82 percent with safety improvement and lower costs of over 120 percent. Stephanie utilized SIEBEL CRM Technology for a 500 percent increase in customer call center satisfaction at store level.

She developed and introduced new products into the home improvement market such as NEST, RING, SharkBite, and Robotics as pilot programs that enabled the company to capture approximately 90 percent of the market for its products and triple its revenues. Additionally, in the Austin market, she led the way with the green/recyclable innovation.

Stephanie led the disaster recovery relief from  Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Rita. She assembled teams of over 500 within 24 hours and reopened stores and supply chains within 48 hours.

Investing in the Austin community since 1988, Stephanie has made a commitment to inspire and mentor others through her work in private equity, non-profit, and women-owned business successes. She has partnered with the HBA and its membership to bring more women into the construction field.

Skills: Logistics | Corporate Culture Management |Business Development | Client Relations | Sales Cycle Management | Legal & HR Management | Market Analysis | Sales Forecasting | Data-Driven Decision Making | Organizational Restructuring | High-Performance Team Building | Sales, Marketing & Operations Management | Performance Monitoring & Improvement | Process Improvement & Restructuring | Business and Financial Analysis | Fundraising | Expense Control | Channel Sales | Revenue & Pricing | B2B Marketing | Project Management PMO | Non-Profit Founder

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