Executive Advisor - Scott Collins

Scott Collins Executive Advisor - CEO, CTO, Board of Directors

Dr. Collins is an accomplished, forward-looking CEO and startup entrepreneur with over 25 years of cross-industry leadership experience spanning corporate formation to M&A. He enjoys working with companies, innovators and organizations in order to identify and then execute the path of least resistance towards commercial success, pivoting when necessary—all while not taking life too seriously.

Scott earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and rounded out a virtual MBA after selling a company he started in the IT and software space. Throughout life he has been drawn to solving big problems — first as an inventor, then an entrepreneur, and now as a leader. He enjoys using his multi-disciplinary experience with teams of great people to overcome major challenges—technical, operational, and financial.

He leads strategic initiatives for BioAustin. He is an advisor to the New Organ Alliance and is working with national leaders to roadmap solutions to tissue and organ shortage. In addition, he is helping start TEXGHS which is working to make Texas a leader in healthcare by lowering the barrier to innovative solutions affecting world health, including COVID-19 responses.

Scott has led initiatives in the fields of biotechnology, software development, communications, automation, logistics, construction, life sciences, health tech, bioinformatics, IT and engineering. He is familiar with company formation, business and product development, strategy, technology-market fit, public relations, strategic negotiations, sales, corporate partnership and M&A.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Grew net sales 61% in recessionary market by organizational efficiency and growing business.
  • Developed the concept and business model around Therapy-as-a-Service (TaaS), bringing off-site centralized automation and scalability to personalized therapy.
  • Directed strategy, research and development of tissue engineering and biofabrication initiatives.
  • Coordinated regulatory efforts with the FDA and other regulatory agencies
  • Over 20 awards for research, design and philanthropy