Mitch Martin

Mitch Martin Executive Advisor – COO, CRO

Mr. Martin is a seasoned executive who serves the small to mid-sized markets. He best serves as an integrator to the company’s visionary in a role where he is second in command. For Mr. Martin, it is all about the culture of the business/business owner and less about what is specifically needed. He has shown extreme proficiency with companies that serve distribution, manufacturing, personnel services, SaaS software development, and software services. In addition to diversity in different business types, Mr. Martin has also served in numerous business functions. He has served in sales, marketing, manufacturing operations, software development, service operations, and others. When you need an executive that can serve in multiple functional areas, Mr. Martin is your kind of candidate.

On two occasions he has served as the second in command and significantly improved revenue and profitability leading to successful exits for the ownership of the company. He focused on a market diversification effort for a manufacturing business that led to obtaining a worldwide market share of 70% in three years. Over that time period, he increased OEM revenue from $4.4M to $15.7M (257%), with a total revenue increase from $6M to $18M (200%) and an EBITDA increase from $455K to $3.4M (650%). On the second occasion, he turned around a revenue declining SaaS software business. In a 3-year period, he increased new logo revenue 20-25% year over year, improved client retention from 84% to 95%, increased EBITDA by 75%, and net income by 130%. This led to a successful sale of the business to a Private Equity firm that was working to consolidate the market. While much of his career has been spent in healthcare, his success has not been predicated on serving the healthcare sector, but rather by serving the CEO/Visionary/Board to execute the business plan.

In this time of Pandemic, or as Spencer Johnson might say “Where Is My Cheese?”, companies need to quickly “Find the Cheese!” This will involve an immediate Triage of their business to keep it alive over the next 90 days (this should already be started). This should be followed with a period of Recovery that can take up to a year, depending on the details of coming out of the Shelter-In-Place. This will be followed by Transformation as companies work to thrive in the New Normal. Whether you were prepared for this or not, whether you were classified an essential business or not, everyone needs to process through the three stages. Mr. Martin’s theme for his contributions to his employer has always been “Vision Without Execution is Hallucination! Let Me Help You Execute!” He thrives in change management.

Mr. Martin invests heavily in those he oversees and is known as the person you want to work for if you want to get promoted. He relishes the opportunity to see one of his immediate team members get promoted and make even greater contributions to the organization. On one occasion he ended up reporting to someone that had previously reported to him. His commitment to teamwork is evident in all that he does. Grab a cup of coffee with Mr. Martin and see for yourself if he would be an asset to your organization.

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