Mike Elliott

Michael Elliott Executive Advisor – CTO, CIO

Michael Elliott is an accomplished IT and business executive with over 25 years of leadership, management, and consulting experience in the technology industry.

Michael is a strategic and transformational senior-level executive who is passionate about creating business value through the effective use of technology. Michael is an agile, flexible, hands-on leader capable of building and directing large scale multi-entity organizations to become highly efficient and productive business operations.

In his most recent role as CIO/CTO of a financial services cooperative, Michael was responsible for the delivery of technology products and services to 15 independent financial institutions across a 5 state region.

Michael’s focus will be to provide strategy and management consulting advice on business and technology alignment. Some examples of his past experience, strengths and interests are listed below.

  • Trusted Senior Leadership Advisor to C-level leaders.
  • IT Strategy, Leadership, Visionary, Change Management and IT Governance
  • Driving growth through innovation, optimization and standardization
  • Developing and executing product and service roadmaps
  • Delivering quality products at speed in an agile manner
  • Successful in executing complex change management initiatives through system implementations, compliance adoption, and mergers
  • Vendor sourcing and management
  • Cloud adoption
  • Compliance (SOX 404 and SOC2)
  • CRM, eCommerce, portals, web and customer-facing systems

Prior to his Austin engagements Michael worked in the Europe and South Africa for Fortune 500 companies, in the oil & gas, entertainment & beverage sectors with roots in software development, change management, and ERP implementation consulting.

Michael was recognized as the InnoTech – Austin IT Executive of the Year in 2018 for his contributions to the Austin technology sector.

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