Jamie Agrelius

Jamie Agrelius Executive Advisor - HR, Operations

Jamie Agrelius is a widely respected Human Resources executive knowledgeable in federal and state laws from East to West Coast. Her robust experience is both tactical and strategic, from hands-on work building a high functioning HR department from the ground-up to the complex initiative of modifying a company’s existing people model for over 450 retail locations nationwide. She has led the growth and expansion of an organization during a rebuild as well as the rapid expansion of a company’s unit count by five-fold in less than six months through multiple mergers & acquisitions. Jamie seeks to support organizations with a people-focused vision knowing this mindset leads to greater revenue, higher retention of top talent, and a competitive edge. For over 15 years she has worked in retail, healthcare, and health and wellness industries supporting organizations to deliver or exceed EBITDA goals. Her motto is to ‘be in service of others’ and she leverages her people-focused leadership to drive operational excellence, supporting organizations with 20 to 5,000+ employees.

In three previous organizations, Jamie led the successful implementation of a fully functioning HRIS platform. She is adept at large scale project management, as well as process improvement initiatives. During her time as Vice President of HR, she designed and launched new compensation plans company-wide, and created the organizational compensation pay structure build-out by city, state, job role, and job grade. These plans were designed to reduce administrative burden, eliminate pay errors, and mitigate risk while improving overall employee engagement. In addition, she designed and directed a series of recorded presentations aimed at explaining and simplifying how to earn bonus and commission for both field and store-level employees, which resulted in increased morale and led to higher revenue generation overall.

Jamie is no stranger to the importance of compliance in an organization and has written numerous employee handbooks, company policies, procedures, and best practices. She has considerable experience in all areas of HR including Workers Compensation/Safety, Benefits Administration, Change Management/Cultural Transformations, Senior Leadership Training/Executive Coaching, Recruiting, Retention, and Succession Planning. When faced with a complex situation involving many factors, she enjoys managing all the variables, aligning and arranging them in the most productive configuration possible.

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