Eric SamDahl

Eric Samdahl Executive Advisor - COO

Eric Samdahl has the uncanny ability to see the Matrix for your company.

One company he worked with for a very short period of time, with literally 20 minutes of negotiations put $200k to the bottom line.

Business is in his blood. At 12 he was the youngest person to have a paper route for the St Paul Pioneer Press. His was driven to learn small business, where you had to understand AP, AR, marketing & sales, and supply chain (before supply chain was a thing), he doubled his customers in the first year and cut the delivery time by 25%.

Prior to moving to Austin, he was in Vail, CO where he was COO of a company in the construction supply sector. Under his guidance, he grew the business to record sales and profit. He also took the company through the greatest economic setback of the time during 2008-2009, cut staff by half and found ways to navigate the setbacks, and was creative in how the company went back to market. After getting through that, he started to grow the business back to its previous glory. To that end, in 2012 he acquired a local competitor and integrated them into the company. Then, 2 years later, negotiated a deal to change the ERP system resulting in an ROI of 14 months and a time savings company-wide of 21%.

While in Austin, Eric has helped companies develop culture, define and implement strategy, and blow the doors off growth. As COO of one company he re-ignited and rebranded the company through the development of new business segments and metrics for sales forecasting, operations, accounting, and compliance metrics resulting in a sales increase of 28%.

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