Executive Advisor David Ow

David Ow Executive Advisor - COO, Digital Products and Services

David Ow is an experienced executive who has spent the last 20+ years in NYC building and leading professional services organizations focused on B2B/B2C product delivery and solutions implementation.  The typical business context are varying types of digital transformation initiatives with an emphasis on innovation regarding how businesses interact with their clients / customers / users.

He has been part of Technology-focused companies for the entirety of his career — specifically at the intersection of Creative and Technology disciplines with an overarching emphasis on getting closer to the customer or user.  Starting his career in market research, which focused on quantitative and qualitative approaches to better understanding consumer motivations, David transitioned to implementing custom enterprise software solutions and owning product definition and management responsibilities for an early digital transformation endeavor for a major Insurance carrier.  He was fire-hardened over many years in the NYC agency space (starting in Advertising) and always focused on Digital-first initiatives.  He has extensive experience establishing PMOs involving process definition / reengineering and talent acquisition; overseeing projects and programs; and being accountable for multi-million dollar budgets and portfolios.

He left NYC as the COO of customer experience design agency, Cake & Arrow, intent to help lead and serve in an operations management function for later-stage start-up / product companies preparing for their next strategic event.  He’s a Fixer, someone well versed in bringing order to chaos by solving the complicated and complex.  Further, David excels at unifying and stabilizing the day-to-day Leadership Team of an organization to deliver upon the business mission and strategic vision — by building consensus; playing to organizational and individual strengths; and minimizing the impact of People, Process, and Technology vulnerabilities.

David strongly believes that being a highly effective manager is a critical responsibility for any business.  It involves education; a commitment to consistent practical application; acceptance that the Employee/Manager relationship is a type of social contract, where the journey may be just as important as the “destination”; and a genuine willingness to continue honing one’s people management skills because every person is unique. For most companies, the human talent that makes up a business is its most valuable asset, and that asset requires ongoing investment.

A recent transplant to Austin from NYC, David earned his Bachelor’s degree at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and looks forward to resuming explorations of his newly adopted home (and Texas, in general) and discovering the myriad wonders for all-things-ATX.