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Meet the people who help make The HT Group what it is today and what it will be in the future. Our dedicated leadership team inspires greatness, encourages innovation, and keeps the momentum moving forward.

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Claire Reese Vice President of Sales

After graduating from the University of Texas, a friend connected Claire Reese with a recruiting firm in Houston in the unfortunate year of 2001. Despite the complications of a floundering economy, this period shaped Claire as a sales professional who is persistent and willing to put in work to get results (something she also learned during her first sales job in high school: selling men’s ties). After four years, Claire moved to Austin to take on the challenge of a new city, becoming the Regional Sales Manager for Burnett Staffing and meeting Mark through her involvement with AHRMA.

Claire joined The HT Group in 2009, drawn to the dynamic team and entrepreneurial spirit, and soon rose to Managing Director of the Staffing division. A naturally curious person, she enjoys learning about her clients’ widely varied industries. She spends her free time with her family and two children, and stays involved with her community by working with Austin Chamber of Commerce, Dress for Success, and supporting her beloved Texas Longhorns. (Hook ‘em!)