Anne Walker

Walker brings a passion for efficiencies and streamlining processes, reporting, and systems to her role as Director of Operations at The HT Group. Walker has more than 15 years... read more

Sam Wood

Sam Woods: Director of Consulting Services at The HT Group. Sam’s team provides strategic services and highly qualified professionals to solve complex financial, management,... read more

Mark Turpin

Though he now has over 20 years of experience as a recruiter, Mark Turpin started his career on the receiving end of staffing services: as a temp at Adecco while attending the... read more

Jim Gilliam

Jim Gilliam, founding partner and chairman of The HT Group, is a major creative and strategic force behind the company’s growth. Gilliam has an extensive business background... read more

Chad Macy

Chad Macy brings more than 20 years of Staffing Industry management and IT Consulting experience to The HT Group, including 17 years at one of the world’s largest HR service... read more

Carolyn Burgess

Our financial authority Carolyn Burgess brings over 30 years of accounting expertise to The HT Group, where she oversees cash management, taxes and ensuring all employees take... read more

Claire Reese

After graduating from the University of Texas, a friend connected Claire Reese with a recruiting firm in Houston in the unfortunate year of 2001. Despite the complications of... read more