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High-Tech Construction Manager? It’s Time to Ride Austin’s Semiconductor Wave

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It’s a great time to be a high-tech construction manager experienced in semiconductor builds, particularly if you’re interested in staying or moving to the Austin, Texas, area. The current federal administration is pushing domestic semiconductor investments as a top priority. But to make more computer chips, we first need to build more semiconductor facilities. Roles like a high-tech construction manager? They’re at the top of the wish list.

Construction Managers Eyeing a Move to Austin

The renewed focus on semiconductor production means tech centers like Austin are growing. The first immediate job openings for high-tech construction manager candidates are already available with Samsung E&C America, Inc. (Samsung E&C), the company tasked with building the $17 billion Samsung factory just north of Austin.

It’s serendipity for any high-tech construction manager already eyeing a move to the Austin area. Austin was a top destination for new residents during the first year of the pandemic. Since then, rumors of a quickly rising cost of living and real estate prices within the city limits could be giving outsiders cold feet. But that’s the beauty of these large tech-manufacturing projects like Samsung’s. Because of their grand scale, these facilities are being built in more affordable suburbs and communities surrounding Austin. Taylor, Texas—where the Samsung facility is being built—is a convenient drive to Austin but remains a relatively small and affordable community. Surrounding towns, including Elgin and Rockdale, are welcoming Samsung-related newcomers with open arms.

What We Look for in a High-Tech Construction Manager

The HT Group is actively recruiting for the new Samsung build, including semiconductor-specific high-tech construction manager roles ranging from general construction managers to fire alarm and life-safety system construction managers to construction managers for the mechanical team. Related positions include safety managers, architectural inspectors, quality managers, QA/QC engineers, product control managers, and cost controllers.

Job duties vary depending on the area of construction for the build and the role, but can include:

  • Communication skills: Working with subcontractors regarding construction schedule and quality.
  • Management skills: Managing project coordination, documentation, business relationships between subcontractors and suppliers, construction schedules and plans, and quality control.
  • Compliance and quality control skills: Meeting contract document compliance requirements and ensuring the work meets quality standards and project specifications.

Ideal high-tech construction manager clients have ten years of experience in construction or engineering. The great news is that the experience can be transferable. For example, Bisnow points out that chip fabricators like Samsung often compete for the same tradespeople and contractors experienced in constructing other high-tech builds like data centers.

“This means that those who want to take a management role in building the new Samsung facility could already be in the Austin area and have experience building out other high-tech expansions. It also means that Austin is an ideal destination for a high-tech construction manager wanting to move to the area. You’ll be in high demand for years to come,” says The HT Group Executive Recruiter Lori Lankford

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Photo from the City of Taylor – Progress on Samsung’s Taylor facility as of May 2022.