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Samsung Brings Commercial Construction Jobs to Central Texas

commercial construction jobs in Texas

If you’re in the market for commercial construction jobs in Texas, you’re in luck. While construction jobs suffered immensely during the pandemic, Austin’s resurging high-tech boom brings equally high hopes to Central Texas. Samsung’s $17 billion chipmaking plant in Taylor, Texas, is a significant reason.

More than 63% of the manufacturing jobs in the Austin area are with high-tech companies. Computer and electronic product makers dominate this field, with semiconductor jobs at the forefront. Samsung itself has been in North Austin, supporting 3,000 employees, for 25 years. But a new build brings immediate jobs outside the tech field that are equally vital to the project: commercial construction jobs. 

“Before Samsung can fill a new facility with tech workers, Samsung E&C needs to build the facility in Taylor, Texas,” says The HT Group Executive Recruiter Lori Lankford. The HT Group is working with Samsung E&C America, Inc. (Samsung E&C) to fill those positions. “We’re recruiting for various positions to help build this new facility. Immediately, we are looking for construction managers—specifically for the mechanical and the civil and architectural teams—and safety managers with a commercial background.”

Lankford adds The HT Group is working to fill additional construction roles for procurement, project control, architectural, mechanical, electrical, safety managers & coordinators, QA/QC Engineers, technical, design, and administration positions. The commercial construction jobs are being filled right now, as Samsung E&C is about to start construction in Taylor and continue until 2024.

The news surrounding Samsung in Taylor, Texas is exciting enough, but could there be even more opportunities on the horizon? What happens with commercial construction jobs once the Samsung facility is built?

“Samsung is only the beginning for those who are specialized in high-tech commercial construction,” Lankford says. “There’s talk that Micron is considering moving into Lockhart, for instance, which would mean another chipmaking plant build could be in the works. Whether that’s true or not, the momentum that Tesla and now Samsung have brought to the area means other construction projects are soon to follow.”

“If such a project were to land in Central Texas, it would add another crown jewel to the region’s semiconductor industry, which experts have said is already ascending [with] Samsung,” writes Austin Business Journal’s Kathryn Hardison and Justin Sayers.

If you specialize in high-tech construction, you know that these jobs aren’t readily listed on job boards. That’s why Samsung E&C is working with The HT Group and why you should tap into these recruiters, too.

“High-tech commercial construction jobs require specific experience, and employers like Samsung E&C are looking only for the best-of-the-best,” Lankford says. “That job search requires precision, which is handled best by executive recruiters and not by blasting out job listings. If you’re among that top talent, we’ll often find you, but it doesn’t hurt to find us and contact us first. With Austin being such a popular place to live, competition is high not only among those who live here but among those professionals who want to move here. And with other potential projects in the works, Austin could keep you employed in highly specialized commercial construction jobs for years to come.”

If you’re experienced and seeking out commercial construction jobs in Texas, particularly at the professional level, connect with Lankford on LinkedIn or contact us to find out what Samsung jobs we are looking to fill in Taylor, Texas.