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Boost Your Thought Leadership: Five Ways to Success During Covid and Work from Home

post covid Austin

My editor returned this article to me today which I had originally written on May 1st, 2020. It was like looking into a time capsule as I wrote about a Post Covid model. Texas was reopening on May 2nd and I was ready to get back to meeting people one on one and networking. I had been following the project plan I developed and was excited to build on these relationships. Unfortunately, after 108 days of work from home, Texas and many other states are re-closing. I found by following these tips during lockdown, it has provided a foundation of normalcy and sanity. I’m still planning for the future, no matter what it looks like.

  1. Blogging can be an essential part of your personal brand and builds a loyal audience. You can show your expertise in detail which can be a literary resource. Start with one post a week and grow from that feedback.
  2. Social media is essential for thought leaders. Posting shared interviews and business updates to large publications gives you an audience that you would have never reached before. LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube offer free portals to gain new followers. Market yourself through new social media sites such as Tapebook, Tumblr, and Vero to stand out.
  3. Podcast as a guest, which will allow you to build your community and cover a wealth of content. Find the most popular podcasts in thought leadership, then develop your own format and style. Time is on your side to practice.
  4. Speaking engagements online look to be the new normal for 2020. Toastmasters and TEDX have always been on YouTube and if you were not comfortable in a big room of people, now is your chance to be an influencer from the safety of your living room. Giving back your time and mentoring others helps to fill those gaps we are experiencing.
  5. As a social butterfly, networking face to face looks to be a casualty until early 2021. Take advantage of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, and webinars to connect you to other thought leaders who share your passion. This has led me to some amazing relationships as these individuals had more time to share in their time of Work from Home.

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by Stephanie Samuels