The HT Group Case Studies

Learn more about how our work has directly impacted some of the clients we have worked with. Our staffing specialists work with you closely to ensure you find the best talent available.

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Fast, Reliable Temp Workers To Help Beat the Holiday Rush

All that sparkles is gold for an Austin-based jewelry designer who, after a spike in ecommerce traffic due to a remarkable Black Friday, needed an urgent boost in warehouse help. Learn how The HT Group’s expert staffing specialists stepped in to help!

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Securing Top Local Executives to Launch a Satellite Office

The HT Group was challenged with quickly developing a satellite office to launch a flagship software product line. Withing 45 days, The HT Group secured candidates who successfully laid a firm foundation.

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Building a Solid Call Center in Less Than Two Weeks

Learn about how The HT Group interviewed hundreds of candidates over the phone, met with more than 70 candidates in person, and picked the top 22 temporary staffers for the job. The call center has since received a near-perfect satisfaction rating among customers.

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