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Temp, Temp-To-Hire, or Direct Hire? How To Choose Your Best Route

Is it better to bring on temporary/contract workers or permanent, direct hires?

Your answers can help determine whether to go temporary/contract or permanent with the position at hand. They could also reveal whether a third option, temp-tohire, is best. We’ll explain how in this resource guide.

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Overtime for Salaried Workers: Changes Employers Need to Know

More than four million white collar jobs may be transformed in 2017 as the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) annual salary threshold for overtime pay could double from $23,660 (current threshold) to $47,476. The rule was to go into effect December 1, 2016, but has been temporarily sidelined by an injunction brought on by a court in Texas. Whatever your reaction, it’s hard to argue change is inevitable when it comes to staffing your business. In 1975, more than 60 percent of salaried workers were eligible for overtime. Today, less than eight percent of full-time salaried workers are covered by the same regulations. This guide provides a general overview of the proposed changes.

new rules

New Rules of Co-Employment: Decoding the joint employer arrangement

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last fall overturned a 30-year precedent on joint employment as it relates to employers who use a staffing partner. Companies found to be joint employers under the law not only face potential shared liability with respect to wage-and-hour violations, but also face liability with respect to other employment laws. This guide will break down what the new joint employer rules are to ensure your staffing arrangement is following these applicable laws and operating under the highest standards.


Fair Chance Hiring in Austin: An important primer for employers

Austin recently became the first city in Texas to pass a fair chance hiring ordinance prohibiting all employers with more than 15 employees from asking about or considering a job candidate’s criminal history until after making a conditional offer of employment. Opponents argue that some components of the fair chance hiring movement, however, are too stringent, requiring a huge commitment on the part of human resources and hiring managers in order to stay compliant. This guide offers the history behind the ordinance and what you should know moving forward.

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Ban the Box: Navigating the changing terrain of criminal background checks

It makes you a little uncomfortable. You get that anxiety when you get to that box, like, wow, how are they going to judge me? Carl Lynch, an ex-offender and current job seeker, used these words to explain his job hunt experience to PBS Newshour. That box he refers to is the one that appears on most job applications. The one that asks: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? However you choose to answer that question, the law is the law. This guide will help you to understand the facts and your rights as an employer when it comes screening job candidates’ criminal histories.


Hiring a Reputable Staffing Firm: Guide for selecting a staffing firm you can trust

In early 2015, Staffing Talk reported on the arrest of a husband and wife who owned temporary staffing companies in New Jersey. The charges brought against the couple were for grossly underreporting the number of employees their companies outsourced and allegedly hiding more than $30 million in income, resulting in the underpayment of their workers’ comp insurance premiums and income tax. This guide provides key information and insight to ensure you choose the right staffing firm to do the job.