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6 Traits You Need to Join The HT Group

As one of the fastest growing companies in Austin over the past decade, The HT Group isn’t only looking for job candidates for clients, we’re often hiring, too. And since we know a thing or two about recruiting top talent, we have exacting standards for those we add to our team. Before throwing your hat into the ring for one of our internal job openings, look at what our management team considers their favorite six characteristics you’ll need to rise to the top of our “must hire” list.

1. You’re a great storyteller.

We’ll ask you behavioral questions to find out certain things like technical ability. Those we ultimately hire can weave specific examples into their answers. “I have always worked from the premise that past performance is the best indicator of future behavior,” says David Dole, The HT Group’s Director of Operations. “When a candidate can give me a real-life accomplishment or how they used a specific technical ability into their past employment, then I am confident that the candidate can repeat that peak performance with us.”

2. You’re a relationship-builder.

“Particularly when we hire recruiters and sales professionals, we’re on the hunt for someone who has a genuine interest in people,” says Craig Patterson, Managing Director-Professional Division at The HT Group. Beyond that, he adds, you need to be able to put people at ease and have great listening skills. After all, great leaders are great listeners.

3. You have a focused sense of urgency.

Both Patterson and Jayson Spaits, Managing Director – Technical Services at The HT Group, name this trait as among their most valued. “We want people with a sense of urgency here,” Spaits explains. “These are people who know the world is changing quickly around us, and understand now is the time to capitalize on it. Customers have a low tolerance for waiting, and we must beat the competition to the punch. We are looking for high energy, high activity producers.”

4. You’re a big-picture thinker.

Spaits says that candidates who “get it” and want to help The HT Group grow both professionally and culturally will also have an upper hand when it comes to getting hired.  “We hire people who understand the big picture,” he says. “The HT Group gives people the opportunity to ‘be the wheel’ as opposed to being a ‘cog in the wheel.’”

5. You’re a team player.

“We want people that want to grow and be team oriented. If the team is winning, we’re all winning,” concludes Spaits. “There is already enough competition out there with other firms. We don’t need it within our ranks. We win as a team here.”

6. You’re resilient.

This is one of my personal favorites. Why? The staffing industry is tough.  We don’t have a spec-able product and we work with humans, which can sometimes be disappointing. If you are resilient and persistent, you can manage the tough times and celebrate the good ones.

We love adding the best-of-the-best talent to our team. If you think you have what it takes, keep an eye out for our internal job openings by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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