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When Does Unemployment End in Texas?

Why Not Stay Unemployed

The reality is that those out of work for more than six months are unlikely to be working a year later and even less likely to have a stable job. The longer you wait, the harder you’ll need to fight for a job. Yes, there’s a staffing shortage, but when extended unemployment benefits run out June 26, all those waiting to get a job will find it harder to do so with more competition. Beat the crowd and find your job now.

Texas employers need you. As business returns to pre-pandemic levels in many industries, a staffing shortage is emerging. More than 90% of Texas restaurant owners, for example, say they have job openings right now. Many have had to keep hours and services reduced not because of COVID restrictions but because they can’t find enough workers.

“If this apparent labor shortage persists, it will have huge implications for the economy in 2021 and beyond. It could act as a brake on growth and cause unnecessary business failures, long lines at remaining businesses, and rising prices,” writes New York Times Senior Economics Correspondent Neil Irwin.

Why Not Stay Unemployed?

“We’re all responsible for getting the economy back on track,” says The HT Group Founder and CEO Mark Turpin. “One of the biggest takeaways from the past year is how delicate and intertwined our livelihoods are. When the businesses around us are struggling, we struggle. But we have the power to help fix things, too. Each of us plays a part.”

What are common reasons for unemployment?

We want to address some of the most common reasons we’ve heard from workers being hesitant in returning to their jobs or finding new opportunities:

Unemployment Pays More

That may be the case today, but there’s an expiration date on those extra payments. In Texas, the weekly $300 federal unemployment supplement will end June 26, 2021. You may be losing more than the value of that government check anyway. The Motley Fool provides a list of considerations, including losing benefits and missing out on terrific job opportunities.

And remember: To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must prove you’re job searching. If you turn down a decent job offer, you could be reported and stripped of your benefits immediately. And, for many Texans, the hassle of dealing with the Texas Workforce Commission alone has hardly been worth the trouble.

“A year into the pandemic that has financially devastated businesses and millions of Texans, people are still applying for jobless benefits by the tens of thousands each week — and having trouble getting through to the Texas Workforce Commission,” reports the Texas Tribune.

I Don’t Feel Safe

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic. Vaccination rates are high in Texas (particularly in Austin), and employers are working diligently to put safety measures in place for both short- and long-term protection. In fact, you may be surprised at how safe your work environment has become.

Even in traditional frontline settings like convenience stores, the response to protect employees has been impressive. Kevin Smartt, CEO of Austin-based TXB/Kwik Chek, recently told Authority Magazine about the measures they’ve taken. They’ve been flexible with employees who have been uncomfortable returning to work, invested in technology like mobile apps for touchless payments, and are looking at walk-up windows, outdoor patios, special handwashing stations and more. “As an industry, we must be nimble and react to future outbreaks or pandemics with a preparedness plan to demonstrate to customers our store environments are safe,” Smartt says. No matter the industry you work in, you can find employers putting their workers first and investing in long-term safety measures.

I’ve Got Other Hurdles

You may be at an impasse with your pre-pandemic career. Perhaps the industry is still unstable, or your needs and priorities aren’t what they used to be. Suppose you’re choosing to stay unemployed for those reasons. In that case, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to reskill in jobs and industries in Texas that are booming (and desperate for workers) right now. Only, you may need to venture outside your comfort zone to find them. Here are some of our past tips that can help:

It’s time to retire your unemployment status and use the current job market to your advantage: by hand-selecting the job and work culture you’ve always wanted. Where should you start? Consider temporary staffing to get back into the swing of things or submit your resume for our recruiters to help match you with a permanent job.


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