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Valuable Job Benefits That Cost Next-to-Nothing

These days, providing employees with world-class benefits can practically put an employer out of business. But can you attract top talent without it? And what’s important to job seekers these days anyway?   To answer that last question, we turn to a recent study by Fractl that shows the following heavy-hitters when it comes to […]

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Austin’s Paid Sick Leave Mandate Is on Hold

Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance that was scheduled to go into effect on Oct. 1 has been put on hold. While Austin is the first Texas city to pass a paid sick-day mandate, San Antonio recently adopted a nearly identical one for 2019 and support is gaining in Dallas. However, state legislators are working hard […]

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Get Ready for Predictive Scheduling Laws

Whether you call it predictive scheduling or its other names (secure scheduling, fair scheduling, or fair work week), you’re about to be affected by it if you employ shift workers. Jurisdictions across the U.S.—from Seattle to New York—are tackling the issue of unpredictable schedules for hourly workers with strong mandates for employers. We’ve heard the […]

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Culture Fit Versus Diversity: Where’s the Balance?

Culture fit is all the rage in hiring these days. And there’s good reason: It’s critically important. After all, employees who fit well with their organization’s culture have greater job satisfaction, are more likely to remain with their organization, and show superior job performance.   But blindly hiring for culture fit can lead to a […]

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Don’t Be Tricked By an Exec’s Dazzling Resume

When your startup or small company hits a growth stage, it can be tempting to hire executives with the most dazzling resumes to lead the charge. But beware: Candidates with experience at large corporations who apply for small or startup businesses can be a poor fit.   “I can’t tell you how many times I […]

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Spear Phishing and CEO Fraud Hit HR: What You Need to Know

It may sound fun, but spear phishing is a serious cybercrime that has robbed U.S. companies millions of dollars. One of the newest and costliest forms of spear phishing is CEO email fraud. Here’s how it works: An online scammer cloaks their email to look like the company’s CEO and then asks the HR department […]

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Bad Meeting Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

Hate meetings? Most people do. Yet many managers spend at least 35 to 50% of their work hours in meetings. Your frustration may stem from the fact that many meetings are poorly run. But what separates a bad meeting from good one?   We recently participated in a survey by Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD, a […]

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Want to Make Remote Working Work? Do You Really?

While Austin has been named the telecommuting capital of the country, not all of its employers are enthusiastically on board. Last year IBM, which is a major Austin employer, raised eyebrows by ending its decades-long love affair with remote work. As much about 40% of the company’s workforce has telecommuted since 2007, so summoning most of these employees […]

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Think Before You Counteroffer Because Only 10% Succeed

Competition for top talent has reached epic proportions. So, when a great employee puts in their notice for another job, it may seem smart to try to counteroffer, right? Not so fast. Counteroffers rarely work out. In fact, recent studies show fewer than 10% of employees remain on board one year after a counteroffer is […]

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A Surge of I-9 Audits Is Coming

Brace yourself: An increase in I-9 audits isn’t just talk, it’s happening. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports it has already opened more worksite investigations in the past seven months than the agency completed in the entire previous fiscal year. While these enforcement investigations have doubled, arrests related to worksite enforcement have nearly quadrupled. […]

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Are 1/3 of Your Jobs Filled by Employee Referrals?

Outside recruiters are essential for certain job openings and situations but, for at least one-third of hires, the best place to start for a high-quality candidate pool is with employee referrals. In fact, The HT Group itself has both employee and temp/technical contractor referral programs in place. And we’re not alone. Employee referrals continue to […]

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Jobs Outnumber Job Seekers for First Time in U.S. History

It’s official: For the first time in U.S. history, there are more job openings than job seekers. The U.S. Department of Labor issued survey results this week showing a record 6.7 million available jobs in the U.S. during the month of April. Previously released data showed 6.3 million job seekers in April and 6.1 million […]

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The HT Group Helps Soon-to-Be Graduates Prepare for Life After High School

Graduation season is here! Graduating is an achievement worthy of celebration, but amid the excitement, many soon-to-be graduates are planning their next steps as they move into higher education and the job field. The students at Texans Can Academy – Austin are no exception. That’s why The HT Group is hosting a workshop at Texans […]

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Long-Awaited News on Arbitration Agreements

Significant news for employers whose arbitration agreements have been in limbo for the past six years: A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court majority puts validity back into the contracts, stating that nothing in the National Labor Relations Act trumps the FAA’s requirement that arbitration agreements be enforced.   In 2012, The National Labor […]

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3 Warning Signs When Choosing a Staffing Firm

As a staffing and recruiting agency, we do so much more than just find you job candidates and workers. We can make your job easier by providing on-site management, acting as a resource for the job market, and quickly filling positions from C-level executives to technical contractors to administrative staff and seasonal workers. But even […]