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Austin’s Sick Pay Law: 4 Questions Employers Should Ask

At face value, offering paid sick leave for full-time employees seems like a great idea. Who would be opposed to the city mandating it? The Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Technology Council are, for starters. That’s because the issue is much more nuanced than meets the eye. Opposition isn’t necessarily about whether offering […]

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8 Staffing Trends Every Employer Should Know

The American Staffing Association recently released its 2017 Staffing Industry Playbook to help employers plan for the New Year. The report shows continued growth for the staffing industry, which is great news for all since strong staffing employment has been found to be a reliable indicator of a healthy economy.   Here’s a closer look […]

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10 Life-Changing Work Habits for the New Year

‘Tis the season to make resolutions. What’s yours? If it’s to incorporate habits that will improve your work day, you’re at the right place. We asked some of our executives, top recruiters, and colleagues to tell us about the most life-changing work habits they’ve recently integrated into their lives. Some of these tips will push […]

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Practical Advice on Dealing with Whistleblowers

It’s the year of the whistleblower. Every day more executives, corporations, and even some small businesses are being taken down by accusations of widespread misconduct. When we first discussed this topic in 2014, the focus was on fraud and discrimination but, as we all know, sexual misconduct has now become a central theme. Regardless of […]

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State of Austin’s Tech Sector: 3 Key Points

Has Austin’s tech sector hit its peak or is it just getting its stride? The answer to that question will vary depending on whom you ask. In 2016, high tech industry jobs in Austin grew by only 1.1%. According to the Austin Chamber, it was the first time since the recession that tech job growth […]

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How to Interview for a Culture Fit

By now you’re fully aware that culture fit among your job candidates is critically important. In fact, it could be the single biggest factor in determining employee retention. But do you know how to effectively screen for culture fit? The following three key areas can help you put together a plan for success.   1. […]

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Faking It: The Job Candidate Pipelining Practice that Needs to Stop

Imagine a trendy coffee shop finally opens in your neighborhood and they lure you in with a VIP complementary offer for the best pumpkin spice latte on the planet. You’re psyched! You don your hipster slouchy hat and take a selfie while waiting in line for two hours, only find out there are no free […]

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Inside InnoTech with Executive Director Sean Lowery

We’re preparing for another great year at the 14th annual InnoTech Austin event, where Information Technology companies and experts will gather for a full day of educational events, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, the latest technology and business solutions, and more. The event will be held November 16 at the Austin Convention Center and will feature speakers […]

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13 Scary Stories of Bizarre Employee Terminations

Firing employees is never fun, but sometimes the circumstances are so bizarre, they read like fiction. To honor the Halloween season, we asked some of our favorite employers to tell us their scariest or oddest reason to fire an employee…and we were not disappointed. In fact, some stories we couldn’t even publish. Here are our […]

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Pick Up the Phone, Damn It! 6 Tips for Employee Communication Right Now

With email, text, instant messaging and social apps taking over, it seems we rarely have the need to pick up a phone any more. But opting for a causal text for certain employee communications can come back to haunt you. Here are some tips from the experts to help you and your employees decide what […]

Tattoos in the Workplace: Is It Time to Evolve?

More than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce still believe visible tattoos are inappropriate in the workplace, yet 45 million Americans have them. With times changing and generational gaps widening on the issue, do employers still have reason to raise an eyebrow? And do you, as an employer, still have the right to restrict tattoos […]

The Key to Business Success that Tech Will Never Disrupt

Since the dawning of the modern business age, technology has been accused of unfairly disrupting industries and causing the downfall of otherwise good companies. Netflix replaced Blockbuster. Tech giants Spotify, Dollar Shave Club and HomeAway are all disruptors within their industries. And, not long ago, President Trump accused Amazon of harming other retailers and taking […]

4 Points of Caution on the Overtime Rule Take Down

A Texas federal court recently struck down the proposed U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) “overtime” rule that would have significantly increased the salary threshold for white-collar exemptions on overtime pay. For now, the federal salary threshold remains at $23,660 or $455/week (instead of the proposed $47,000 salary), but that’s not the end of the story. Here are […]

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3 Ways HR Needs to Prepare for the Next Widespread Disaster

Hurricane Harvey has shown the world just how strong Texans are. We couldn’t be more proud of the Lone Star State. It has also exposed some major weaknesses when it comes to disaster preparedness for businesses. The HT Group’s offices in Beaumont and Orange, Texas, were affected by Harvey’s catastrophic flooding, and you can bet […]

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State of Hiring at Austin Startups, With Advice from the Top

Austin is on the cusp of becoming a first-tier startup hub to rival Silicon Valley and New York. Our ecosystem for entrepreneurs is well known, but Austin lacks a few key ingredients—an endless supply of talent is one of them. While it’s true that Austin seems to be swarming with tech talent perfect for the […]