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Top 3 Sources for Holiday and Corporate Thank You Gifts

It’s certainly the season for giving. Of course Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but there are other reasons this time of year is primary for gift planning. Corporate and employee end-of-year gifts will need to be sent out soon, and trade show promotions are being planned for the coming year. For these reasons and more, we’ve highlighted our top thank you gifts from our favorite local companies. Enjoy!


Best Custom Gifts: Loop & Tie

Imagine sending one single corporate gift item to every client, VIP, or employee on your gift list … with just a click of a button … and everyone walking away with exactly what they want. It’s not a fantasy: It’s Loop & Tie. The Austin company has done the gift curating for you. Here’s how it works: Send them your recipients’ email addresses and the amount you’d like to spend on each ($25, $50, $75, $100). Loop & Tie will email each contact on your behalf, complete with your company’s branding and a custom gift gallery. Recipients can choose exactly what they want, no corny gift baskets necessary.

Loop & Tie’s selection includes plenty of gourmet food and kitchen items, many locally sourced. But with the right to choose comes the freedom to give a gift completely customized to the recipient. How about some surprisingly popular CRUX Supply Co. ‘Stach Wax, for instance?  Or, new this season, Kulae eco-friendly yoga products including the Elite Hot Hybrid yoga mat towel.


Best Only-in-Texas Gifts: Lammes Candies

Who doesn’t have a love affair with Lammes Candies? Made with Austin, TX pride for more than 100 years, Lammes chocolates are a favorite among those sending corporate and employee gifts worldwide. Their best sellers are the Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines, a buttery caramel confection with Texas pecans that are individually wrapped and easily shipped.

“Lammes uses only premium chocolate and ingredients in each confection,” says Co-Owner Pam Teich. “You can taste the love we put into our small-batch confections—the most important ingredient we’ve used in over 100 years of candy making. [Plus] supporting local businesses and Texas family-owned businesses like ours keeps more money circulating where it matters most.”

Looking for a twist on your old favorite? Try the Habanero Pralines for a slow-burn finish.


Best Branded Gifts: Boundless Networks

If you’re tired of feeling a bit lost when it comes to ordering branded gifts or promotional items, Boundless Networks can be your lifeboat. The Austin startup boasts an easy-yet-strategic method for realizing a ROI on the product you choose. How refreshing is that?

What’s more, we simply love their unique selection of items. Our favorites:

And for those with needs beyond the occasional award or trade show merchandise, Boundless offers help in setting up online company stores, employee recognition programs and other custom tools.

What new ways have you found to say thank you this year? We’d love your suggestions!


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Product images courtesy of Loop & Tie, Lammes Candies, and Boundless Networks.