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The HT Group Search Division conducts candidate searches using two strategic and highly-effective recruiting and pricing models for both key professional and executive level search assignments: Retained and Dedicated. We know the right questions to ask, what answers to expect and how to identify top-notch talent.

Retained Search

A retained search is preferable in cases where an organization is urgently looking to hire at a managerial/strategic level requiring a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities, and whose services are integral to overall organizational success. Given the strategic importance of these positions, there is often a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality that accompanies this type of search. Retained searches are given priority status in terms of time and resources that are dedicated to the project.

The HT Group takes great care in working with clients to formulate a clear and objective-driven job description. We strategically identify and screen potential candidates based on their interpersonal styles, attributes, and work history in order to ensure alignment for “culture fit” and positive organizational impact.

The advantages of a retained search are vital when looking for key “A Player” hires, and involves a mutual commitment. We prioritize by dedicating a small team of sourcing professionals to the project, personally screen and submit all qualified candidates, and provide weekly reports on candidate deliverables, direct sourcing activities, and candidate/market opportunity feedback. A key advantage of using the retained search method is it provides targeted candidate audiences the opportunity to see the priority level your organization places on filling key roles so expectations are set in advance.

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Dedicated Search

Dedicated search is a process-driven approach to recruiting. It is a designed delivery function engaged to provide sustainable pipelines of superior quality talent in a given skill area. This approach helps organizations maintain ongoing candidate research and sourcing efforts into a specific profile or targeted skill sets, allowing for the quick development of highly-specialized teams or the consistent cultivation, growth and “top grading” of existing strategic groups or programs.

As with retained, mutual commitments are required. We provide ongoing research, sourcing and recruiting efforts for sustainable segments of time that requires highly-focused attention on a specific population or pool of candidates, limiting a “dedicated” recruiters ability to source for multiple engagements. This model allows organizations the opportunity to reduce costs per hire based on multiple “similar” profile hires. Our sourcing efforts provide a meaningful evangelistic resource to targeted candidate audiences on behalf of our clients, innately developing an overall positive awareness for your organization’s opportunities among defined candidate communities. Initiating “dedicated” search efforts with The HT Group Search Division communicates the high priority your organization places on finding the right talent for your team.

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