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Score an Austin Job as an Outsider

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 Is your significant other relocating to Austin and now you need a job here, too? Welcome to the club! You’ve got some job statistics working in your favor, like this one: During the past year, Austin employers have added 25,000 new jobs while the number of unemployed has decreased steadily to historic lows.

In many areas, there are more Austin jobs available than there are people to fill them. Those are good odds for job seekers.

But then there’s this:  Employers don’t tend to hire out-of-towners, and some cities are more exclusive than others. According to iCIMS data, only about 8% of out-of-town applicants applying for a job get an offer.

How can you be among the lucky few?


Some Austin jobs are more in demand than others. Keep an eye on the trends and decide where you might be able to fill those needs. For ideas, look at our recent blog post highlighting Austin’s fastest-growing sectors. STEM occupations—software developers and technical sales representatives, in particular—account for nearly double the number of jobs in Austin than the national average. Advanced manufacturing, clean technology, data management, space technology, creative and digital media technology, and life sciences are the top-growing sectors, according to the Austin Chamber.


Austinites are not impressed that you’re from California or Seattle or New York…or even Dallas. Superficially, you may even find your outsider status met with resentment or hostility (you may have heard our new motto: Welcome to Austin, Don’t Move Here). On the employer front, your outsider zip code may spark other logistical concerns. These days, listing a physical address on a typical resume isn’t necessary, so don’t do it unless you’re asked for it. Your goal is to get your foot in the door for an interview before any questions of logistics and relocation enter into the conversation. 

For help on navigating these issues, contact your HT Group recruiter.


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