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Passive Job Seekers: More People Are Searching for Jobs Than You Think [INFOGRAPHIC]

It may be easy to deduce that a low unemployment rate means fewer people are looking for jobs, but the numbers can be deceiving. More people are searching for jobs than you think. While the amount of active job seekers applying for positions may seem to be dwindling, the fact is half of all workers are open to the idea of switching jobs…for the right opportunity.

The following infographic shows where to look for these “off the radar” job seekers representing a wide range of different types of candidates: Part-timers wishing for full-time work, executives who are retirement age but have more to offer, passive job candidates who may be interested in better opportunities (but aren’t actively seeking them), and more.

Top Image Copyright: stockasso / 123RF Stock Photo

Infographic Copyright: The HT Group (All Rights Reserved)