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Optimizing Free Cash Flow Improvement

Tamer Abouelella Management Consulting

Optimizing organization’s free cash flow generation performance through improving its internal opportunity to cash workflow

As part of the CEO sponsored Transformation initiative, I was assigned the task of identifying areas of improvement with the objective of increasing our Free Cash Flow from operations.

Situation and approach:
In a company with 100,000 + employees, operating in 80+ countries, the project required coordination between global cross-function teams and our customers. This was A major change management, training, automation, and streamlining of multiple tools and processes that govern the overall Opportunity to Cash workflow. To achieve the project target, I successfully did the following:

Developed tools and processes that are embedded in the company systems to provide sustainable change and improvement in the process of cash generation from collections.

Develop and deploy training programs that helped 90% of the company’s Sales and Operations teams have a better understanding of how they can contribute to getting paid faster. 

Enhance the company reporting dashboards to provide better visibility on key indicators to measure status, progress, and assign responsibilities.

Centralization of the Account receivables in 5 locations, with the objective of standardization of the billing and collection process and facilitate knowledge and best practices sharing.

An improvement in how fast we collected our outstanding Accounts Receivables balance “Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)” by 20%, an equivalent of $2B increase in Free Cash Flow. 

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