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Thank Goodness for Texas—Jobs in Texas are Just One Reason to be Thankful

 With the attractive array of jobs, the low cost of living, minimal taxes and the state’s status as a technology hub, we think the Lone Star State is the best place to start a business and the best place to keep one going.

We admit it; we’re prejudiced. But you don’t need to take our word for it—CNBC ranked Texas #1 in its special report, America’s Top States for Business 2012.Let’s be thankful: Texas businesses are reaping the benefits of a state government that’s business-friendly. Taxes in Texas are low. Our economy is diverse. And with our low cost of living, we’ve got the perfect environment to draw top talent looking for jobs in our great state. All that plus our strategic location between the east and west coasts, our pioneer spirit and our self-reliant work ethic add up to making Texas the best place to start a business and the best place to find and keep employees to make that business succeed.

Lower costs. Ours is one of the most affordable states for businesses—and for the people working in Texas. Unlike most states where businesses must pay city, county, regional, and state taxes, the lack of these taxes in Texas eliminate those hurdles. And in addition to low taxes, Texas offers a low cost of living while offering a superior quality of life.

Favorable business climate. Texas is pro-business, with fewer regulations than in most states. Our favorable business climate makes it easier for businesses to thrive. In addition, our chambers of commerce, utility companies, municipalities, counties and trade associates are eager to assist new and established businesses.

Excellent educational institutions. We Texans are justifiably proud of our top-notch public universities, which have been instrumental in making Texas a technology hub and an ongoing source of a huge number of jobs. The University of Texas is ranked among the top 25 universities in the country. Texas A&M’s programs in science, biology and genetics continue to keep Texas businesses and jobs at the forefront of 21st century industries.

Exceptional work ethic. Texas is an icon of the pioneer spirit. The state has always been the home of independent people who know how to get things done—who know how to pull together with neighbors to make things happen. Individual responsibility and a strong work ethic are part of the culture here. These qualities have helped Texas businesses succeed and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Technology hub. Our state is a technology hub, anchored by tech-titan companies like Dell, IBM and Samsung, and fertile breeding ground for startups like HomeAway, BazaarVoice and RackSpace. A highly educated workforce finds that jobs in Texas are more plentiful—and the economy here more resilient—than in other parts of the country.

Diverse economy. A wide variety of industries means jobs in Texas are available to fit every employee’s skill set—and provide a wide and deep source of experience, skills and talents for employers. The economy is not dependent on one or two key industries; instead, Texas businesses include segments such as agriculture, petroleum and alternative energy, aviation, manufacturing, food processing and many more.

Strategic location. Our terrific strategic location here on the third coast, in the middle of the action, along with a strong transportation infrastructure, makes it easy for Texas businesses to operate in the USA and to conduct business relations with our neighbors to the south.

Quality of life. Texas is one of the most affordable states and one of the best places to live. A big challenge for businesses in today’s business climate is retaining and developing talent. Texas provides an answer by offering affordable housing, a low cost of living, and major cultural and educational institutions, making it a great place to live and work.

We have a lot to be grateful in the Lone Star State. Here at HT Staffing, we’re glad to be part of this thriving economy—and to have an easy sell when recruiting candidates from elsewhere in the nation.

Do you agree that Texas is a great place to do business? What are the reasons you’re thankful you’re here?

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons