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Identifying the Differentiator and Creating Growth

Jason Jowers Management Consulting

Jason led the operations of a company as it grew from a startup to a $127M company in 15 countries.

Processes.  When Jason joined the company, it had experienced some early financial success but did not have a solid operational foundation from which to build.  Jason led the effort to formalize and optimize the company’s processes so it could scale and service its clients in a more effective manner.

Differentiator.  The company did not offer a service that differentiated it from its many competitors.  Jason identified an opportunity to differentiate the company and then led the development of the differentiator that was largely responsible for the company growing from $10M to $127M within ten years of being acquired.

Global Growth.  Jason led the company’s efforts to expand operations into Asia and Europe and to modify the company’s operational processes to support the company’s larger size, changing business model, and inclusion of other cultures.

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