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Health & Fitness Strategic Initiative Evolution

management consulting - Strategic Initiative

Jamie Agrelius was honored to be selected to lead the HR portion of a Strategic Initiative Evolution (EVO) for a well known Health & Fitness Company. This revolutionary project, aimed at enhancing employee competencies, would change the way club level business units operated for the first time in nearly 20 years. Taking an outdated siloed model to a more comprehensive, and cross-departmental model would yield greater engagement, drive higher revenue, decrease redundancies, and remove barriers to greater individual performance. Over the course of 6 months, Jamie worked closely with club, field and corporate leaders to shape the new roles and responsibilities, new job titles, and create a robust list of competencies to evaluate existing staff. Soon the EVO pilot was ready for launch in Texas. After a successful launch, Jamie was selected to lead the remaining 400 locations through the same transition. The roll out company-wide was a success and the organization saw greater engagement, reduction of payroll costs, improved morale, and individual contribution increased rapidly.

What is HT Cares!
For HT Group, our mission has always been about changing lives. This isn’t just a marketing catch-phrase! To us, this is a way of life. When the pandemic started, our leadership gathered together to brainstorm on how we could impact our community and change lives while so many were hurting around us. What came out of those sessions was a multi-phased approach that started with HT putting approximately 75 people BACK TO WORK that lost their jobs due to the COVID crisis! Rather than file for unemployment or struggle with paying their bills, they had a steady paycheck!

This program went to the next level when HT gathered approximately 30 C-Suite executives into a collective “think tank” to answer the question, “How can we help business leaders re-open Texas by utilizing the collective experience from this team?” This exercise turned into an amazing collection of Austin based operating executives that have come together to help companies in the Austin community get through this difficult time. The final step in our HT Cares! Strategic Initiative is a free Executive Leader to Leader Conversation with their C-Suite and a peer(s) from a similar position, industry, or expertise on our team. This would act as another “set of eyes” while also being a confidential sounding board. NDA’s will be signed for their protection and ours.

Management Consulting, Staffing, and Recruiting:
The HT Group is a comprehensive management consulting, staffing, and recruiting agency in Austin, built upon the foundation of integrity, transparency, and trust. Deeply rooted in its communities, The HT Group’s philosophy is to change lives, one job or project at a time. With an agile core, The HT Group team delivers services through contract, retained search, direct-hire, management consulting and advisory services. The HT Group strives to go above and beyond and truly empower its clients.

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