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For the Time Being, Hire Interim


The “never going to retire” generation is now retiring – and retiring earlier than expected.  This workplace shift has been anticipated for decades but the process accelerated during COVID, and now the same folks who claimed they would work as long as they lived, are exiting the workforce in droves leaving huge gaps in leadership and management. But many baby boomers don’t feel financially ready to leave work completely.  The “I want to retire;  I don’t want to retire; I want to go back to work;  I don’t want to go back to work” conflict; has been resolved for many c-suite executives with semi-retirement and flexible work including consulting and interim employment.

Meanwhile, the challenge of disruptive technology shifting businesses toward technology-driven everything is creating a need for massive business overhauls requiring experts to implement new strategies quickly and efficiently.  Over 20 years ago the idea that things could not only be better but could go above and beyond anything that currently existed in the market is what inspired The HT Group founders to create a company whose main goal is to improve the lives of hiring managers/business managers with the best job seekers or management consultants available. Today many business leaders are looking for interim executives with experience navigating through crisis and finding new and creative ways to coach and develop next-generation leaders.

For over two decades, The HT Group has been a trusted source for hiring in Austin, anticipating the needs of businesses in a rapidly growing city. Addressing the widening need for interim executives, The HT Group expanded its offerings to include Advisory Services, Business Consulting Services, and Management Consulting. These services are comprised of CxO’s, and subject matter experts with extensive experience providing strategic guidance and improving business performance. Their engagements are aligned in the following broad categories: Strategy / Vision; Due Diligence; Definition and Requirements Gathering; Roadmap, Budget, & Planning; Reporting & KPIs; Solution & Enterprise Architecture; Process Optimization; Governance & Compliance.

Businesses scaling back on expenses, find interim hires offer expertise without the long-term cost and added expense of benefits that come with a permanent hire.  HT invests significant time and energy into executives in their career transition, connecting them with companies needing their expertise.  If your company has a leadership gap, call today for a complimentary consultation from an HT Executive advisor.

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