As one of the top executive search firms in Texas, The HT Group has assisted prominent business executives in the negotiation of progressive career changes. Top-ranked by the Austin Business Journal since 2004 as the premiere staffing agency in Texas, we have proven to be a superior executive search firm by establishing a trusted track record and delivering on promises.

The HT Group Executive Search Division conducts applicant searches by utilizing two strategic and highly-effective recruiting and pricing models, retained and dedicated, for both key professional and executive level search assignments. We know the right questions to ask, what answers to expect, and how to identify top-notch talent.

Retained Search

Retained executive search is preferred when an organization is urgently seeking to hire at an executive and strategic level, requires that the candidate hold vital leadership responsibilities, and is looking for a professional whose services are essential to the overall success of the organization. There is often a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality that accompanies this type of search due to the strategic importance of these positions.  Retained searches are given priority status in terms of dedicated time and resources.

The HT Group formulates clear and objective-driven job description by taking great care in working with clients. We tactically identify and screen potential applicants based on their attributes, interpersonal styles, and work history to ensure that they are culturally a good fit while promoting a positive impact within the organization.

The HT Group is an established executive search firm that provides vital benefits that are essential when looking for a key “A-Player” hire. We make sure every project is a priority by assigning a small dedicated team of sourcing professionals to each one, providing weekly reports on candidate deliverables, and personally screening and submitting all qualified candidates via direct sourcing activities. One of the key advantages that comes from using the retained search method is that it provides targeted candidate audiences the opportunity to see the priority level your organization places on filling key roles so expectations are set in advance.

Dedicated Search

Dedicated executive search can be defined as a process-driven approach to recruiting. It is a calculated delivery function set forth in order to provide viable pipelines of superior quality talent within a select skill area. This approach assists organizations in maintaining ongoing candidate research and sourcing efforts into specific profiles or targeted skill sets, allowing for the quick development of highly-specialized teams or the consistent cultivation, growth and “top grading” of existing strategic groups or programs.

The HT Group provides ongoing sourcing, research and recruiting efforts for sustainable segments of time that require highly focused attention on a specific population or pool of candidates, limiting a “dedicated” recruiter’s ability to source for multiple engagements. This staffing model allows organizations the opportunity to reduce their costs per hire due to “similar” profile hires. Our sourcing efforts provide meaningful resources to targeted candidate audiences representing our clients, developing a positive awareness for your organization’s prospects of well-defined candidate communities. Initiating “dedicated” search efforts with The HT Group Executive Search Division communicates the importance your organization places on acquiring the right talent for your team.

If you are looking for a staffing agency to help fill your open positions, The HT Group can help. Whether your goal is to hire candidates to fill permanent positions or hire contractors for temporary staffing needs, our executive recruiting experts can help you achieve your goals.

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