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Employees and Vacation Time: A Shocking Snapshot

According to Oxford Economics, employees with paid time off (PTO) leave 3.2 days unused. That’s a total of 429 million days of unused PTO.  Ironically, the employers rewarding the time off may be to blame for employees not taking their due breaks. A 2014 Glassdoor survey uncovered the following reasons employees leave vacation time on the table.

  • 33% believe no one else can do their work
  • 28% fear getting behind
  • 22% feel too dedicated
  • 19% want a promotion
  • 19% feel they can’t be disconnected
  • 18% want a pay raise
  • 17% are afraid of not meeting goals
  • 17% fear losing their jobs
  • 16% believe working is better than not working
  • 13% want to outperform colleagues
  • 6% are too afraid of their bosses

We dug a bit deeper and found plenty of shocking statistics on PTO and vacation time, including who rewards them, why they should be encouraged, and what can happen to employees who fully indulge. Check out the infographic below for a real eye opener. Are you guilty as charged?


Main Image Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo