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Culture of Caring and Commitment to Excellence

Shane Walsh HT Cares! Management Consulting

I was leading a single location, family-owned business with 20 employees when it was acquired by a larger nationwide company that wanted to grow our footprint and integrate our operations with theirs.

Realizing that our business needed to scale, we began to review our systems and our people to learn which systems and people were scalable and which were not.  We built some simple reporting infrastructure to handle the increase in geographic footprint, worked to educate our employees about why this growth was good for all of us and paid a great deal of attention to our culture of caring for one another and commitment to excellence.  We also began building relationships with our parent company, inviting them to our facility to educate them about our business and products, and asked to come to their facilities so we could do the same.

Over the course of the next 7 years, we opened 4 additional branches, increased revenue from $4M to $18M, increased the number of employees from 20 to 50, and experienced zero employee turnover.  In addition, we were able to cooperate with the parent company branches to send leads back and forth and strengthen our existing customer relationships.

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