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Fast, Reliable Temp Workers To Help Beat the Holiday Rush

All that sparkles is gold for an Austin based jewelry designer who, after a spike in e-commerce traffic due to a remarkable Black Friday, needed an urgent boost in warehouse help. The HT Group Staffing Division went to work quickly, securing the temporary help the designer needed get through the busy holiday season with flying colors.


An Austin-based jewelry designer


Austin, Texas



The HT Group Division:

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It’s reported that 30 percent of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. For some retailers, such as jewelers, that number can be as high as 40 percent. One particular Austin-based jewelry company became a textbook example of this when its Black Friday sales shot up into the stratosphere. Already on a strong growth path with sales both online and in stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, the company was no stranger to pivoting when needed. At this point, the e-commerce team needed the extra hands in order to efficiently help get the windfall of online orders out of the warehouse and gracing the necks, ears and arms of its customers.


The HT Group went into action securing temporary employees who could come into the warehouse and help get the orders out as quickly as possible. The team used an efficient process to define requirements and qualifications, screen and qualify each candidate, and manage the interview and recruitment process. Managers from The HT Group Staffing Division provided on-site check-ins for temporary staff start days to ensure a smooth transition. For large-scale temporary staffing needs, the division can provide full on-site representation and oversight so that the client’s management team is not overwhelmed by added managerial duties. In the end, The HT Group provided the jewelry designer with 20+ employees who helped fulfill orders every day for four weeks. Using a staffing partner helped the company lower labor costs and gain just in-time access exactly when it was needed.

“They were happy about our urgency and constant communication throughout the process,” says The HT Group Staffing Division Managing Director Claire Reynolds. “The relationship was successful because we didn’t just find workers who could pack boxes. Instead, we provided them with quality candidates who were efficient and motivated.”