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When Creative Job Perks Miss the Point

Beer pong, catered meals, yoga-pant Fridays…you’ve seen the benefits that the “coolest” companies offer these days. But do these creative, unconventional benefits actually work to attract and retain talent? Yes and no. If you’re not providing traditional work benefits like health insurance, 401(k), and a generous flex and/or PTO policy, relying on creative perks is […]

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Is Your Paycheck Suddenly Higher? Here’s Why.

Last month you may have noticed your paycheck was higher than expected and, by now, you’ve decided A) it’s a mistake that hasn’t been fixed yet or B) something great is happening, and you sure hope it lasts. For 90 percent of U.S. employees, it’s the latter. In other words, don’t worry: It’s not a […]

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28 Hilarious (and Real) Excuses for Being Late for Work

In honor of daylight saving time, we asked our staff and colleagues the most hilarious excuse they ever heard (or told) for being late to work. With dozens of responses, we concluded that many of you and your employees are really into rescuing animals. Who needs work when Fido’s in trouble? Another significant amount of […]

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Texas Manufacturing: 6 Ways to Keep OSHA Happy This Year

Texas manufacturing is soaring, with production hitting an 11-year high in December. From Dallas to Seguin, Brownville to Beaumont, growth in the Texas manufacturing economic output over the past decade was more than double U.S. manufacturing gains. Most manufacturing jobs in Texas are heavy industrial and large-scale: chemical products, computer and electronic parts, petroleum and […]

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What’s It Like to Work in the White House?

When President John Adams and his wife Abigail first moved into the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they needed only a handful of staff, including just four in the Executive Mansion, to keep them comfortable. These days, the Trump Administration employs about 377 White House staffers—and that’s lean, considering President Obama employed up to […]

The HT Group Wins Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards

Cue the confetti, turn up the music and release the balloons! We’ve got a lot to celebrate here at The HT Group, including today’s announcement that we’ve just won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to both our clients and job seekers!   You may be wondering, “Why is […]

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The Secret to Showing Your Love After an Interview

Thanking someone after a job interview is a critical step that too many candidates get wrong. We asked our recruiters and colleagues to share with us their most memorable “thanks,” and a few bubbled up to the surface for all the wrong reasons.   “A marketing agency I once worked at received a coconut in […]

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The Most Lovable Bosses Have This in Common

Are lovable bosses born or made? The answer may be found in what experts like TalentSmart Cofounder Travis Bradberry call Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The good news is that this skillset isn’t as innate as, say, your actual IQ. You can learn to be more EQ and doing so can lead to amazing things. Not only […]

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Can You Guess Who’s Moving to Texas Now?

Roll out the welcome wagon! It’s time for our annual roundup of companies expanding or relocating to Texas. While the list doesn’t yet include Amazon HQ2 (maybe soon, though, as gambling odds are currently 3 to 1 for Austin), it does highlight some major wins in every major Texas metro.   Austin The big newcomer […]

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The 4 People Who Should Be Conducting Your Interviews

The people you choose to interview job candidates have about an 85 percent chance of swaying those candidates’ opinions about the job, for better or for worse. Think about that for a minute. In a job market in which your company needs top talent more than they need you, your interviewers—how prepared, appropriate, welcoming, responsive […]

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5 Ways to Fix Your Resume Mistakes Right Now

Your resume is broken. How do we know? It’s just a hunch, but it’s likely true. As recruiters, we wade through the good, the bad and the “Dear God, do they even WANT a job?!” every single day. Too many resumes fall into the latter two categories. The good news, though, is that it doesn’t […]

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Austin’s Sick Pay Law: 4 Questions Employers Should Ask

At face value, offering paid sick leave for full-time employees seems like a great idea. Who would be opposed to the city mandating it? The Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Technology Council are, for starters. That’s because the issue is much more nuanced than meets the eye. Opposition isn’t necessarily about whether offering […]

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8 Staffing Trends Every Employer Should Know

The American Staffing Association recently released its 2017 Staffing Industry Playbook to help employers plan for the New Year. The report shows continued growth for the staffing industry, which is great news for all since strong staffing employment has been found to be a reliable indicator of a healthy economy.   Here’s a closer look […]

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10 Life-Changing Work Habits for the New Year

‘Tis the season to make resolutions. What’s yours? If it’s to incorporate habits that will improve your work day, you’re at the right place. We asked some of our executives, top recruiters, and colleagues to tell us about the most life-changing work habits they’ve recently integrated into their lives. Some of these tips will push […]

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4 Ways to Outsmart Fake Job Listings

Searching for a job can be a humbling experience, and nothing can leave you more vulnerable than falling victim to a fake job listing. Like other online scams, fake job listings seem to be increasing, and some are becoming so sophisticated that they’re difficult to flag. Adding to the problem is that legitimate businesses have […]