Overqualified for the Job You Want?

Jane had just moved to Austin and was working in retail while hunting for a position in her field of marketing communications. She had been out of school for only two years but had already been promoted twice and was making an impressive salary before she moved. After five drawn-out interviews at an Austin ad […]

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Valuable Job Benefits That Cost Next-to-Nothing

These days, providing employees with world-class benefits can practically put an employer out of business. But can you attract top talent without it? And what’s important to job seekers these days anyway?   To answer that last question, we turn to a recent study by Fractl that shows the following heavy-hitters when it comes to […]

Hate Open Office Spaces? Read This.

Are you an open office or closed-door type of worker? Do you work with earbuds in, or do you prefer to hang out at the water cooler? Determining your ideal work environment can help you identify the types of jobs and the company cultures you should pursue. Studies have shown that an employee’s physical workspace—down […]

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Austin’s Paid Sick Leave Mandate Is on Hold

Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance that was scheduled to go into effect on Oct. 1 has been put on hold. While Austin is the first Texas city to pass a paid sick-day mandate, San Antonio recently adopted a nearly identical one for 2019 and support is gaining in Dallas. However, state legislators are working hard […]

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Is Now the Best Time to Find a Job?

Ask any hiring manager, any recruiter, any warm body with a paycheck, and you’ll get different opinions about the best time to find a job. But what does the research say? That’s what we set out to uncover. And some answers even surprised us.   Best Time of Year to Look Let’s be clear: The […]

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Get Ready for Predictive Scheduling Laws

Whether you call it predictive scheduling or its other names (secure scheduling, fair scheduling, or fair work week), you’re about to be affected by it if you employ shift workers. Jurisdictions across the U.S.—from Seattle to New York—are tackling the issue of unpredictable schedules for hourly workers with strong mandates for employers. We’ve heard the […]

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How to Decide Between Competing Job Offers

Congratulations, you got the job offer! But, wait: You got another one! In cities like Austin, competing job offers are increasingly common. That’s because Austin currently has 42,000 job openings but only 36,000 unemployed people, so jobs are abundant. So how do you choose? We compiled a list of questions that can help you decide. […]

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Culture Fit Versus Diversity: Where’s the Balance?

Culture fit is all the rage in hiring these days. And there’s good reason: It’s critically important. After all, employees who fit well with their organization’s culture have greater job satisfaction, are more likely to remain with their organization, and show superior job performance.   But blindly hiring for culture fit can lead to a […]

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Surprising Blockchain Jobs Outside of Bitcoin

With the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain jobs are some of the most in-demand positions around. In fact, jobs that involve blockchain development have increased nearly 200% over the past year.   But while cryptocurrency development is rooted in blockchain, not all blockchain jobs directly relate to the cryptocurrency industry. Blockchain is […]

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Don’t Be Tricked By an Exec’s Dazzling Resume

When your startup or small company hits a growth stage, it can be tempting to hire executives with the most dazzling resumes to lead the charge. But beware: Candidates with experience at large corporations who apply for small or startup businesses can be a poor fit.   “I can’t tell you how many times I […]

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4 Tech Jobs You Should Consider Right Now

Cisco and IDC recently released what they consider the most significant roles in IT right now. Among the 20 they list, what’s relevant for Austin? The nation’s unemployment is at an all-time low (4%) but, in Austin, it’s even lower (2.8%). Rumor has it that the Austin tech sector boasts unemployment even lower than that—at […]

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Spear Phishing and CEO Fraud Hit HR: What You Need to Know

It may sound fun, but spear phishing is a serious cybercrime that has robbed U.S. companies millions of dollars. One of the newest and costliest forms of spear phishing is CEO email fraud. Here’s how it works: An online scammer cloaks their email to look like the company’s CEO and then asks the HR department […]

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Words That Make Job Candidates Sound Stupider

Listen, we get it: English is a tough language to master. Even native speakers have a tough time getting it right. Chances are, you’re getting a few grammatical rules tragically wrong. Some of these simple mistakes sprinkled into your cover letter, resume, or even your job interview vocabulary could be costing you jobs.   We […]

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Bad Meeting Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

Hate meetings? Most people do. Yet many managers spend at least 35 to 50% of their work hours in meetings. Your frustration may stem from the fact that many meetings are poorly run. But what separates a bad meeting from good one?   We recently participated in a survey by Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD, a […]

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Is It the Perfect Telecommuting Job? 7 Questions to Find Out

Are your facing the prospect of telecommuting fulltime? If not, you might be soon. Dell, Inc. declared it wants half of its workforce to work remotely by 2020 while other Texas companies like AT&T, Freeman, Rackspace, Medecision and even government entities like the City of Austin employ a substantial number of remote workers. And while […]