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The HT Group Helps Soon-to-Be Graduates Prepare for Life After High School

Graduation season is here! Graduating is an achievement worthy of celebration, but amid the excitement, many soon-to-be graduates are planning their next steps as they move into higher education and the job field. The students at Texans Can Academy – Austin are no exception. That’s why The HT Group is hosting a workshop at Texans […]

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Long-Awaited News on Arbitration Agreements

Significant news for employers whose arbitration agreements have been in limbo for the past six years: A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court majority puts validity back into the contracts, stating that nothing in the National Labor Relations Act trumps the FAA’s requirement that arbitration agreements be enforced.   In 2012, The National Labor […]

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3 Warning Signs When Choosing a Staffing Firm

As a staffing and recruiting agency, we do so much more than just find you job candidates and workers. We can make your job easier by providing on-site management, acting as a resource for the job market, and quickly filling positions from C-level executives to technical contractors to administrative staff and seasonal workers. But even […]

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3 Reasons to Quit a Job Before It Even Starts

Congratulations! You’re at the end of your job search and have either accepted or are close to accepting a job offer. But wait! Your gut is telling you to back away. Do you listen?   “You don’t want to make a habit of rescinding job acceptances, but there are some very rare instances in which […]

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This Top Employee Incentive Might Surprise You

Employee engagement isn’t just a tool to curb turnover. It can pay dividends. According to most recent Aon 2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends report, a five point increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue. The most popular way to get the job done is with rewards or incentive programs. But how does […]

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Beard or No Beard on the Job Hunt?

About 10 years ago, men’s beards grew back. As if overnight, wild and untamed “lumbersexual” beards and more coifed hipster beards hit the streets, and we all thought, “Well, that’s interesting. But it won’t last.” Fast-forward to 2018 and, while beards have stuck around, they’ve mostly morphed into a clean, closely groomed look that most […]

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Startup Hiring: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Over her career, The HT Group Senior Technical Recruiter Kalyn Blacklock has helped several startups staff up. The top question she’s asked: Where do we start?   “Software and SaaS founders will usually start by staffing qualified leaders like VP of Sales/CRO, VP of Marketing/CMO and CTO to grow and manage their required teams first. […]

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Top Questions to ASK During Your Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for us?”   It’s the point during a job interview that makes every candidates’ pulse quicken. You know not to ask about salary or time off before an offer is made, and you know not to ask questions that show you haven’t done basic research (like, “What does your company […]

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How to Get Hired Straight Out of College

If you’re about to graduate and don’t have a job lined up, you may be feeling the pressure. But don’t worry: You can still score the perfect job to kick-start your career. Take a look at these four ways to make it happen:   Audit your social accounts. During the hiring process, 7 out of […]

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4 Ways to Beat Resume-Reading Robots

The dawning of the applicant tracking systems (ATS) has been both a blessing and curse for employers and job hunters alike. These resume-reading robots have allowed hiring managers to weed through an average of 250 applicants they may get for each of their job listings while maintaining compliance with certain laws against race and gender […]

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Have 2018 Salary Increases Hit a Ceiling?

Raises are generally on the rise in Texas this year. But if you’re looking for an across-the-board percentage increase to hang your hat on, keep waiting. Predictability is not something 2018 is serving up well. Late in 2017, several established wage surveys came to an expected consensus: Employers nationwide were planning on handing out 3% […]

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Best First Day Ever! 5 Ways to Strike Onboarding Gold

It feels good to start an employee on the right foot, and it also makes good business sense. According to a study by the Wynhurst Group, employees who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years. Onboarding success requires more than just locking a newcomer […]

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Find Your Next Sales Rockstar With These 9 Interview Questions

Great salespeople are wired differently. They work, think and perform in a unique way. For this reason, interview questions for salespeople should be different, too. We asked our recruiters to tell us some of their favorite and most surprising interview questions for sales candidates. Here’s what they recommend:   “Tell me about me.”   Use […]

Forbes Ranks The HT Group as a Top Recruiting Firm in America

      The HT Group 7718 Wood Hollow Dr #100 Austin, TX 78731 Phone: 512-872-2200 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 9, 2018   Forbes Ranks The HT Group as a Top Recruiting Firm in America The HT Group is one of only three Austin recruiting firms on the list of professional firms.   Austin, TX […]

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Stop! Read This Before You Hire Out-of-State Remote Workers

Did you know that in California, a supervisor who isn’t even an owner of the business can be held personally liable for a labor claim from an employee? If you’re a Texas employer, does that matter? Yes! Here’s why: Technology has allowed organizations of all sizes to hire remote workers. In fact, telecommuting has increased […]