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8 Compelling Reasons to Spring Clean Your Workplace

You know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s great for your soul and your staff’s morale. Spring is a great time to cut the clutter and seek out these results. If you’re not convinced, take a look at our compelling reasons to spring clean your workplace to improve everything from health, focus, productivity, recruiting and work culture.

  1. Researchers at Princeton found that a cluttered environment restricts ability to focus and limits the brain’s ability to process information. It can also be a health hazard Did you know that an average work desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat?
  2. Look at the desks in your office: How many wasted sheets of paper do you see? According to Loyola University Maryland, the average worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That’s about 2 lbs. of paper each day…resulting in a lot of clutter and a lot of wasted money. Consider using more digital or web-based HR, workflow and collaboration tools to eliminate paper waste.
  3. Replacing that old desktop calculator with a plant can boost cognition and task performance, according to a series of Norwegian studies. In fact, making sure “pockets of green” appear throughout the office may help enhance self-control, inhibit aggression and boost mental focus for your entire staff.
  4. Dust mites may be causing more sick days among your employees than necessary. According to the American Lung Association, mites can cause asthma, chronic rhinitis and respiratory problems. Besides maintaining a clean office, keep humidity in check and request strong filters be used when vacuuming to keep dust (and dust mites) at bay.
  5. Don’t think your office has a dust problem? Check your computer fan vents. Computers are a magnet for dust which can, in turn, act as an insulator blocking air and heat from escaping. Essentially, dust can make your office equipment sick too.
  6. Airing out old personnel policies may be good for your soul. HR Consultant Michelle Moylan recommends opening up your HR window and allowing employees real-time access to their vital information, which can both empower them and eliminate added HR workflow for you. Consider digital tools that allow self-service functionality so employees can access benefits, request and track PTO and vacation days, reserve conference rooms and check out equipment at their convenience.
  7. Ever wonder why garden seed comes with an expiration date? Ask any horticulturist and they’ll tell you: Old seeds don’t grow as well as new seeds. Consider this a metaphor in recruiting as well. At least once a year, seek advice from a recruiting specialist or read up on the latest recruiting strategies yourself. Yes, the tactics can change that quickly, especially in fast-growing industries and business centers like in Austin and other metros throughout Texas.
  8. When it comes to employee retention, hitting the refresh button is often necessary. For one reason, employee motivations can change as the business changes. If there’s a shakeup at the top, for example, it may take better communication to settle employee nerves. Another reason for updating employee retention strategies has to do with generational differences. Millennials are motivated by much different factors than Baby Boomers, for instance. Understanding the subtle differences and utilizing new strategies could cause your retention to blossom.

So what will you tackle first? Is there anything on the list we missed? Let us know!

Image credit: willsstock / 123RF Stock Photo