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5 Top Tech Jobs in Austin (And How to Score One)

5 Top Tech Jobs in Austin

Looking for tech jobs in Austin? Glassdoor recently posted the best jobs in America in 2021, and (no surprise) nearly all the top spots are tech jobs. With Austin continuing its reign as a national hub for tech jobs, the list provides insights into the skills and areas tech jobs in Austin entail right now. Let’s dive deeper into these tech jobs along with the skills you’ll need to be an attractive candidate:

  1. Java Developer: With a median base salary of $90,830 nationwide, java developers don’t make the most on Glassdoor’s list, but they do score number one in job satisfaction. Java is a relatively ancient programming language, but its relevancy remains strong. Part of its staying power is its usefulness with mobile apps. To get your foot in the door, have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a professional IT certificate, and have expert level experience in Java programming with additional expertise in database management and computer architecture. Austin is filled with startups hiring java developers, but mixed among them are jobs with more established companies, like General Motors and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Learn more about java developers here.
  2. Data Scientist: Love using analytics and statistics to solve business problems? Data scientists have a high median base salary at $113,736 and report high job satisfaction, too. According to Glassdoor, data scientists should have strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on product You could come into the career several different ways—usually with a degree in statistics, math, computer science, or economics—but then marry those skills with additional competencies in machine learning, coding languages, databases, machine learning, and reporting technologies. Austin’s General Assembly says it’s an exciting time to be in data science, harnessing “the predictive power of data to work at the forefront of diverse industries like public policy, robotics, and FinTech.” Learn more about data scientists here.
  3. Product Manager: Is product management a technical role? In many ways, yes, even if the product isn’t technology-based (although more and more, it is). Clues can be found in the common skillsets required for product managers, including JavaScript, Agile, SPARK analytics, Python, and SAP Product Lifecycle Management software. To be responsible for the strategy and blueprint of a product, you need to understand the engineering and technical aspects of it while being able to communicate those attributes clearly and concisely to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Perhaps that’s why product managers are among the top-paid professionals on our list, with a median base salary of $121,107. Learn more about project managers here.
  4. Enterprise Architect: This is the top-paying position on our list, with a median base salary of $131,361. It’s a high-stakes job responsible for the entire infrastructure of a company’s IT platform. The career path can lead to a director of IT position or even a chief information officer (CIO). The job requires holistic knowledge of system design, IT documentation, software and hardware solutions, and security. Within that framework, specializations can vary. For instance, in Austin, AT&T has recently put out a search for a voice transformation architect with solid skills in IP networks, while Facebook searched for an HR technology architect to build and improve its HR systems. Learn more about enterprise architects here.
  5. DevOps Engineer: Can’t decide between a career as a coder and a career as an engineer? You can have both as a DevOps engineer. This position is the engine that makes productivity flow between departments. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, and, as Glassdoor states, many DevOps engineers hold advanced degrees in computer science, software engineering, or a related engineering field. Among tech jobs in Austin related to DevOps engineering are site reliability engineer, data operations engineer, security DevOps engineer, mobile development engineer, cloud operations engineer, and QA automation engineer. Senior DevOps engineers in Austin can make $125,000 or more. Learn more about DevOps engineers here.

Rounding out the tech jobs in the top 10 spots are information security engineer, mobile engineer, software engineer, front end engineer, and Salesforce developer. Yes, Salesforce has become so massively popular that developers have carved out career paths specializing in it. In fact, 3.3 million new jobs are predicted to be created in the Salesforce economy by 2022.

Not far behind on the list are automation engineer and machine learning engineer, which are important to note for Austin job seekers. With manufacturing and distribution continuing to ramp up in Central Texas, employers like Tesla and Amazon are hiring automation engineers in spades. Take a look at this senior automation controls engineer position at Tesla’s Gigafactory, for instance. Apple Pay, Visa, Samsung, IBM, Nvidia, and dozens of startups hire machine learning engineers to secure apps and accounts, analyze language, transform data, and more.

“If you’re looking for tech jobs in Austin right now, you’re in the right time and the right place,” says Paul McGaughan, Practice Director for The HT Group Technical Recruiting. “I’m not saying it’ll be easy—there’s plenty of competition. But if you have the right skills—including expertise, certifications, and soft skills—your future here is bright.”

He recommends being ready to strike by ensuring your IT certifications are up to date and checking that our tech recruiters have your current information on file. We’re looking forward to riding the wave of new tech jobs in Austin along with you this year!


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