Networking for a Job: 7 Ways to Work a Room

If you’re looking for a job but you’re skipping networking events, you’re doing it wrong. Take a look at this advice from a few of Austin’s top business leaders and networking experts on why networking is key, and how to work a room for the best results.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Lessons from the Fox News Case

Recently Fox News agreed to pay $20 million to its former Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against its former CEO, Roger Ailes. The payment came with an unprecedented public apology as well. Ailes was at the helm at Fox News for more than 20 years in what is now being reported as…

Who’s Hiring in Texas Right Now?

If you’re looking for a job in 2017, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has good news for you. The Texas economy continues to expand, with payroll employment growing and wages increasing. Certain Texas cities like Austin are seeing impressively low unemployment numbers as well. In fact, Austin was recently named the best city for…

Highest Paying Tech Skills

Spark, OpenStack, Chef, Pig…these aren’t just a menagerie of random words, they’re the names of software and programming languages that help comprise the highest paying tech skills for 2017. Find out who’s paying extra for what when it comes to tech compensation.

Hiring Trends in 2017: Our Recruiters’ Predictions

It’s hard to believe we’re staring 2017 in the face. And with the unemployment rate in Texas remaining below 5 percent, it looks like it’s going to once again be a job candidate-driven market. To help you navigate the terrain, we asked our recruiters for help uncovering the recruiting and hiring trends that will likely…

3 Ways to Win With Remote Workers

Are you ready to hire remote workers in 2017? Chances are your competition is. Take a look at why virtual teams are gaining steam and how your organization can jump on board for better recruiting and retention.

Benefits and Perks That Truly Matter

It’s easy to get distracted by a beer keg in the break room but it’s important not to overlook the job benefits that truly matter. This is easier said than done, as there are close to 350 perks being touted by various companies today (there were only 60 perks touted 20 years ago). Some of…

3 Things at Your Desk That Are Making You Sick

Your office desk may feel like a safe haven…but is it actually making you sick? This time of year, workplace wellness is no joke. So we’re bringing you three areas—in and around your own desk—that may be contributing to holiday sick days.

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