Hate Your New Job? 4 Important Moves to Consider

April 18, 2017

You painstakingly navigated the job search process and accepted a great offer. Congratulations! But, almost immediately after starting your new job, you spot red flags. Perhaps the job description doesn’t match what you’re being asked to do or you feel you’re being thrown to the wolves without proper training. Maybe your new manager isn’t as…

The Salary Question: How to Field It, When to Ask It

March 21, 2017

Salary. It’s often the elephant in the room when it comes to job interviews. Too often, employers fall into one of these scenarios: Either they bring it up early, with the dreaded, “What was your salary at your last job?” or “What will you expect to get paid?” Others may stay completely silent and dance…

Networking for a Job: 7 Ways to Work a Room

February 14, 2017

If you’re looking for a job but you’re skipping networking events, you’re doing it wrong. Take a look at this advice from a few of Austin’s top business leaders and networking experts on why networking is key, and how to work a room for the best results.

Who’s Hiring in Texas Right Now?

January 17, 2017

If you’re looking for a job in 2017, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has good news for you. The Texas economy continues to expand, with payroll employment growing and wages increasing. Certain Texas cities like Austin are seeing impressively low unemployment numbers as well. In fact, Austin was recently named the best city for…

Benefits and Perks That Truly Matter

December 13, 2016

It’s easy to get distracted by a beer keg in the break room but it’s important not to overlook the job benefits that truly matter. This is easier said than done, as there are close to 350 perks being touted by various companies today (there were only 60 perks touted 20 years ago). Some of…

How NOT to Dress to Impress at Job Interviews

November 15, 2016

A wrinkled t-shirt with “SLACKER” embroidered across the front. You might imagine the item of clothing is among the wardrobe for a software developer in the Austin, Texas, gaming industry. And you’d be right. But it is also one of many horrifying examples of what job candidates have worn to job interviews. Velour track suits…

Run Away! Scariest Job Interview Red Flags

October 8, 2016

Employers know the risks of taking on a “bad hire.” It costs them valuable time and money (up to five times the employee’s annual salary, on average).  But what about the risks to you, the job seeker? You can’t afford to choose the wrong employer, either. So why, then, do so many job seekers ignore…

6 Job References Mistakes You Could Be Making

September 20, 2016

You aced the interview process, passed the background check and, yet, you still didn’t get the job. Could it be your references? Let’s take a look at several mistakes you could be making when it comes to providing references.

Job Seekers: It’s Time to REALLY Clean Up Your Social Media

August 16, 2016

Most people have been found to regularly regret what they post on social media. Unfortunately, just as many employers are scouring those channels when deciding who to interview or hire. To clean up your act, follow these five tips.

Working With a Staffing Firm: What You Should Know

July 20, 2016

While staffing firms can “make it rain” for you, the effort is not one-sided. To secure the best opportunities, you’ll need to do some legwork yourself. Here are the top things you should know when it comes to working with a staffing firm.

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