9 Books that Changed the Way We Think About Business

Intro: Looking to help your career during your summer vacation? These books aren’t your typical beach reads (well, except for maybe Craig’s recommendation), and will help you cultivate your personal work philosophy as you dive in. From a book that teaches you to do less with more to those that establishing the principles of sales, […]

Congrats to our June Employee of the Month

The HT Group has started a program to recognize outstanding employees we have placed at our clients. Employees who have worked over 80 hours that month are nominated by their managers and the winner is chosen via raffle. Congratulations to Ana Razo, our first winner! Here is what her employer had to say: “Ana is […]

Recruiters Sound Off: 7 Resume Mistakes Keeping You Unemployed

Our recruiters see hundreds of resumes a week—which means they have strong feelings about what a resume should include. Before you submit your resume for a job at The HT Group, make sure to take a second look at what you’re sending to avoid these mistakes and score points with your recruiter: 1. No attention […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace

Depending on how you feel about technology, there are either exciting efficiencies ahead or the robot apocalypse is coming. Either way, artificial intelligence is making its way into the workplace in a variety of ways, with chatbots in areas ranging from HR to customer service and programs that can predict which employees are most likely […]

What Is a Culture-First Company? Why Build One?

It may sound like a buzzword from an office with nap pods and dream boards, but building a culture-first company has shown significant returns. A Harvard Business School study conducted over 11 years found that companies with performance enhancing cultures saw an average increase of 901% in their stock price (versus 74% percent for a […]

New Administration Rescinds Joint Employment Guidance – What This Means

In 2016, the Department of Labor under President Obama issued a set of standards pertaining to joint employment – you may remember this from our three blog posts on the matter (New Labor Standard: Are You and Your Staffing Partner “Joint Employers”?, Feds Clarify Position on “Joint Employer” Contract and Temp Workers, How the New […]

Tech Recruiter Red Flags

It’s hard not to get excited when someone seeks you out with a job offer, but it seems these days a lot of recruiters in tech have the same likelihood of delivering on their promises as that Nigerian prince who emailed you last week. At The HT Group, we take time and put in effort […]

How Employee Perks Stack Up [Infographic]

To attract top talent, you have to offer competitive wages. But what if you can’t pay more? Good news: Up to half of your job candidates would take lower pay in exchange for more workplace flexibility. We’ve put together an infographic showing the other unique benefits that employees value – including some that barely cost […]

5 Keys to Attract and Retain Blue-Collar Workers

As we’ve pointed out before, blue-collar jobs are becoming the hardest positions to fill. Much of the current workforce for these positions is reaching retirement age, and the next generation doesn’t have the necessary skills and often opts for “new collar” tech jobs instead. Now more than ever, retaining employees takes center stage. So what […]

10 Top Paid Graduates of 2017

The Class of 2017 graduates have a lot to look forward to: CareerBuilder recently found that 74% of companies are hiring new grads, starting salaries are getting a boost, and, most importantly: No more finals! So, what lessons can be learned to attract these soon-to-be graduates? For starters, it’s worth noting which majors are banking […]

QUIZ: Temp, Temp-to-Hire, or Direct Hire: Which placement is right for you?

Our staffing team has three types of placements: temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. But which one is best suited for you? Take our quiz to uncover your job-seeking priorities and find the assignment type that fits your lifestyle. Note: This quiz is meant to give a general idea rather than a definitive answer. Submit your […]

The HT Group Ranked By Forbes As A Top Recruiting Firm in America

The HT Group Ranked By Forbes As A Top Recruiting Firm in America The HT Group was one of only two local recruiting firms on the list of professional firms. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Austin, TX) The HT Group, an integrity-first human capital solutions firm, was ranked in Forbes’ 2017 list of America’s Best Professional Firms. […]

What Is Your Company’s Recruitment IQ?

How do you rank when it comes to recruiting top talent in 2017? Are you at the top of your game? We put together a quiz using industry resources and forecasts like LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 to help determine how you and your organization’s priorities and understanding of recruiting stack up against the competition.

4 Immigration Bills That Could Affect Local Tech Companies

Immigration reform is a hot topic these days but when it comes to the tech industry, it’s a critical issue. With U.S. tech companies only able to fill a fraction of their highly skilled jobs with American workers, hiring foreign visa holders is often necessary. Four separate bills introduced by Congress could change the game.