Texas Dominates the Hardest-to-Fill Jobs in the U.S.

Skilled trade vacancies are the hardest to fill jobs in the United States for the sixth consecutive year. The problem hits oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and technology fields hard, which means Texas is the center of the target. The research points to what has been coined the “hollowing out of the middle” – the […]

Swearing at Work: Some Damn Good Advice

Do you curse at work? Even Psychology Today has weighed in on the virtues of swearing, citing benefits like increased endorphins and self-esteem. Using expletives in the workplace has also been found to help enhance group solidarity, enabling the development of personal relationships among co-workers. However, research points out a few double standards that may […]

Is Your Independent Contractor Misclassified?

Working with independent contractors is nothing new. In fact, cities throughout the region including Austin, Houston, Plano and Oklahoma City are considered some of the top places to find freelancers (who often classify themselves as independent contractors for IRS purposes). What is new, though, is the amount of scrutiny the federal government is dishing to […]

Staffing with Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

In the business world, automation is often king. This theory has filtered into staffing with Vendor Management Systems (VMS). A VMS is a software application designed to help employers procure staff, whether for temp staffing, temp-to-hire, direct hire or contingent labor.  Many staffing firms participate in the VMS process. However, this participation comes with pros […]

4 Ways to Keep Light Industrial Temps Safe

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is coming down hard on both light industrial host employers and their staffing firms when it comes to the safety of temporary staff. This is happening for several reasons. First, temporary workers are more likely to be hurt on the job than their full-time counterparts. Second, OSHA is […]

2015 State of the Hiring Process

Power to the people! That’s a good thing, right? Not if your company doesn’t have its best face forward in the hiring process.  In a recent global study, 83 percent of job recruiters admit the current job market is candidate driven.  That’s a big shift from even a couple of years ago. How big? As […]

Why Employee Referral Programs Should Lead Recruiting Efforts

It’s strange for a job placement agency to tout the benefits of an employee referral program. But hear us out: There’s certainly a place for both within your recruiting efforts. In fact, as Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan confesses, if you’re not getting one-fourth of your new job hires from employee referrals, you’re wasting time […]

Best, Worst and Weirdest Interview Questions of 2015

The questions you ask job candidates during the interview process can make or break your chances of landing exactly who you want. Hedge your bets by focusing on the good and cutting out the bad. And don’t rule out weird interview questions. Take a look below at some that have been asked recently (and who […]

You’re Already Staffing Your Biggest Data Theft Threat

U.S. data breaches reached a record high in 2014, increasing nearly 30 percent over the previous year. Forrester predicts that, in 2015, at least 60 percent of enterprises will discover a breach of sensitive data. When it comes to data theft, it’s easy to point a finger at increasingly sophisticated outside hackers. You may be […]

Why Pleasing the Millennial Generation Can Benefit Everyone

Hiring Millennials and keeping them happy has been a perplexing endeavor for years. Are Millennials in the workforce truly lazy? Entitled? Hard to please? Are these just excuses older generations have come up with to explain their distinctly different work styles? It’s likely this generation fast becoming the majority of your workforce and an increasing portion of […]

BuildASign.com: An HTG Staffing & Recruiting Spotlight

To the Austin business community, BuildASign.com isn’t just an e-commerce site. It’s an innovative business culture that has been imitated often but never duplicated. It’s true that BuildASign.com is a leading online custom printing provider of signage and home decor items. Products include signs, canvas, apparel, business cards, car wraps and more. And it’s true […]

Are Oil Prices Affecting Jobs in Texas?

Sure, rock-bottom crude oil prices are bringing smiles to our faces at the gas pump. But those of us who live, work and recruit in Texas can’t help but fear those low gas prices are an ominous sign. Will it kill the Texas economy? How is it affecting jobs in other industries? Here’s the current […]

Job Recruiting Socially: Are You Doing It Right?

SXSW Interactive will kick off in just a few short days, which means an influx of digital mavens, web geeks, coding ninjas and job recruiters will descend upon Austin to network and learn. Job recruiters?  It’s true: Now is the time of year in which tech recruiters from all over the country come to town […]

Employees and Vacation Time: A Shocking Snapshot

According to Oxford Economics, employees with paid time off (PTO) leave 3.2 days unused. That’s a total of 429 million days of unused PTO.  Ironically, the employers rewarding the time off may be to blame for employees not taking their due breaks. A 2014 Glassdoor survey uncovered the following reasons employees leave vacation time on […]

Should You Recruit Job Candidates With Online Degrees?

University of Phoenix, Capella University, Southern New Hampshire University: We’ve all seen the late night commercials boasting online degree programs at these and other institutions.  Some of these schools are for-profit, some nonprofit, some public. Some have actual college campuses, some do not. When you’re looking to recruit job candidates, is there a way to […]