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Words That Make Job Candidates Sound Stupider

Listen, we get it: English is a tough language to master. Even native speakers have a tough time getting it right. Chances are, you’re getting a few grammatical rules tragically wrong. Some of these simple mistakes sprinkled into your cover letter, resume, or even your job interview vocabulary could be costing you jobs.   We […]

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Is It the Perfect Telecommuting Job? 7 Questions to Find Out

Are your facing the prospect of telecommuting fulltime? If not, you might be soon. Dell, Inc. declared it wants half of its workforce to work remotely by 2020 while other Texas companies like AT&T, Freeman, Rackspace, Medecision and even government entities like the City of Austin employ a substantial number of remote workers. And while […]

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Is the Cover Letter Dead?

The demise of the cover letter is a polarizing topic. Some hiring managers will tell you it’s worthless and others will tell you they won’t consider a job applicant without it. The problem is, it can be impossible to tell what camp each hiring manager is in when you apply. Adding to the frustration is […]

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5 Ways to Lose a Job Offer After Nailing the Interview

Imagine this: You’re finishing up a job interview, and the hiring manager leans back and says, “Love that you’re a former bowling pro. It’ll be great to have another ace on the company’s team.” That’s a great sign you nailed the interview: The employer is already envisioning you on the team. Glassdoor compiled these other […]

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Looking for a Side Hustle? Take This Advice

At least one in every three U.S. workers now freelances or contracts. By 2020, that number is projected to rise to 43%. Many of these jobs are considered “side hustles” to earn extra income. Participating in the gig economy in this way can be empowering…or, if you don’t approach it with good business sense, it can […]

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Top Secrets of Superstar Temps

The gig economy has brought rise to independent consultants and freelancers who thrive without the restraints of a fulltime job. But those “gigs” aren’t suited for everyone who yearns for variety. Many business consultants, writers, and graphic designers are empowered by this type of work, but what about those who specialize in administrative and receptionist […]

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The HT Group Helps Soon-to-Be Graduates Prepare for Life After High School

Graduation season is here! Graduating is an achievement worthy of celebration, but amid the excitement, many soon-to-be graduates are planning their next steps as they move into higher education and the job field. The students at Texans Can Academy – Austin are no exception. That’s why The HT Group is hosting a workshop at Texans […]

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3 Reasons to Quit a Job Before It Even Starts

Congratulations! You’re at the end of your job search and have either accepted or are close to accepting a job offer. But wait! Your gut is telling you to back away. Do you listen?   “You don’t want to make a habit of rescinding job acceptances, but there are some very rare instances in which […]

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Beard or No Beard on the Job Hunt?

About 10 years ago, men’s beards grew back. As if overnight, wild and untamed “lumbersexual” beards and more coifed hipster beards hit the streets, and we all thought, “Well, that’s interesting. But it won’t last.” Fast-forward to 2018 and, while beards have stuck around, they’ve mostly morphed into a clean, closely groomed look that most […]

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Top Questions to ASK During Your Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for us?”   It’s the point during a job interview that makes every candidates’ pulse quicken. You know not to ask about salary or time off before an offer is made, and you know not to ask questions that show you haven’t done basic research (like, “What does your company […]

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How to Get Hired Straight Out of College

If you’re about to graduate and don’t have a job lined up, you may be feeling the pressure. But don’t worry: You can still score the perfect job to kick-start your career. Take a look at these four ways to make it happen:   Audit your social accounts. During the hiring process, 7 out of […]

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4 Ways to Beat Resume-Reading Robots

The dawning of the applicant tracking systems (ATS) has been both a blessing and curse for employers and job hunters alike. These resume-reading robots have allowed hiring managers to weed through an average of 250 applicants they may get for each of their job listings while maintaining compliance with certain laws against race and gender […]

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Is Your Paycheck Suddenly Higher? Here’s Why.

Last month you may have noticed your paycheck was higher than expected and, by now, you’ve decided A) it’s a mistake that hasn’t been fixed yet or B) something great is happening, and you sure hope it lasts. For 90 percent of U.S. employees, it’s the latter. In other words, don’t worry: It’s not a […]

The HT Group Wins Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards

Cue the confetti, turn up the music and release the balloons! We’ve got a lot to celebrate here at The HT Group, including today’s announcement that we’ve just won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to both our clients and job seekers!   You may be wondering, “Why is […]

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The Secret to Showing Your Love After an Interview

Thanking someone after a job interview is a critical step that too many candidates get wrong. We asked our recruiters and colleagues to share with us their most memorable “thanks,” and a few bubbled up to the surface for all the wrong reasons.   “A marketing agency I once worked at received a coconut in […]